Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 14 Review – Mad About Lips and Shoe.



In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Tina takes center stage in a play as a understudy, which could ruin her social status if the show goes on all while Linda, Bob, Louise, and Gene are on shoe hunt following a request. This is my spolierific review of “The Hormone-iums.”

This episode shows potential when it comes…


KISS NUMBER FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god, man. Two kiss scenes from these two nerds in one season, this could be a record…for the series I mean. God, imagine that happened in the Guinness World Records. Anyway, kiss number four, holy shit. I mean, we got the most recent kiss back in “The Gene and Courtney Show,” but I would never imagine double trouble. But of course, it was short lived because it was in the credits…so yeah, although it was short lived, the Tina/Jimmy Jr shippers went nuts following what look like a heart attack of an episode. On the road to Number Five is a go for the shippers as the series progresses. And without further ado, here’s my review of this episode.


Like I said, this episode shows potential when it comes to making your dreams come true. No really, it’s like the topic of the episode is about making your dreams come true with the A-plot with Tina taking charge when one of the members of the “Hormone-iums” fell ill and with the B-plot with Linda on the hunt to find someone to take the so-called “wine shoe.” Which is course, something that Linda had made up, but more on that later.


So Tina became the main lead in the group called the “Hormone-iums” and when the plot synopsis, or in this case, the episode title in the script cover, I thought the name was like coming from a rock band with the same name. But when this episode came out, it’s a play, or this case, a musical. Actually, this doesn’t look like a play, looks like some sort of youth group. And believe me, I know a youth group where I can see one. So anyway, Tina got the main role in the group following one of their members, Angela, fell ill with “mono.” And if you don’t know what “mono” is, it’s a disease where your body is fallen weak and grown tired for weeks, maybe months in advance. And the cause of all of this…kissing. Remember that one scene from the 2004 movie, Mean Girls, where that gym coach told everyone to not have sex because that might lead to pregnancy and death. Well, it’s like that minus the sex and pregnancy. It can cause death, according to what Mr. Frond say. Even though it’s not! You see, to keep it short and simple, Mono is like cooties for young adults. You remember growing up when a boy can’t go near a girl because she has “cooties.” Well, it’s like that except it got a major upgrade. That because it’s caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus, in which can effect about everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, by the time you reach age 40. And try googling it and go to images, because that’s where you end getting disturbed. And no, it’s nothing like herpes because herpes is caused when you kiss or give blood to someone who is affected with STD’s where with Mono, it’s nothing like that. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, I read it from WebMD. Contact your local doctor for more information.


Anyway, we got two dream sequences from Tina in this week’s episode with the beginning of the episode with her taking lead with the group like it’s freaking Broadway when Tina dreamed about one day taking charge of the group. Which of course lead to Angela getting a bad case of mono and Tina taking over as a understudy.


Then comes dream sequence number two following Tina finally a role of her lifetime when she come out of the limo, walking on the red carpet like some sort of Hollywood premiere with both Jimmy Jr and Zeke fighting over her and Tammy interviewing her along the way. I mean, you just got the role and now you dreamed that you’ll be the talk of the land, don’t know if that could lead to jinxing your acting career to a bad path? Pretty sure it will, tell that to child celebrities growing up to be young adults. Also talk to about while in the dream sequence, Zeke. Yeah, mostly around Zeke and Jimmy Jr fighting over Tina. Did Tina know that Zeke has the “hots” for her? I mean remember back in “The Oeder Games” when Zeke told Tina that he has a thing for her, even though it was just a ploy to not get hit by Tina’s water balloon? Yeah…this episode is so conflicted, so conflicted that we might need a shipping caucus. And the results will not be pretty.


Speaking of things that will not be pretty, when the school news show a preview of the musical, and yes, I am obligated to declare it as a musical, it shows a part of the show where Tina in character declares that she has mono, which to the viewing public, thinks that Tina out of character really have mono, which lead to her being an outcast by the whole school. And to make things worse, she was uninvited to Jocelyn’s party. And to make even more worse, when Tina tried to quit the show following what happened, Mr. Frond refused to let that happen by declaring her the lead in every show, which is Tina’s dream ever since joining the group two years ago. Yes, Tina was in the group in two years, let that sink in for a moment. Anyway, with Frond giving Tina an opportunity of a lifetime, she can’t quit the show. Meaning that if she want to play the lead role, she has to face major criticism and major shunning leading up to the day of the premiere. I mean…is this what actors and/or actresses had to face when getting the part? Well, a little birdie told me that you probably had to unless you wanted to be “blackballed.” Meaning that if you refuse to do the job, word gets around. No one will ever hire you as long as you shall live.


This all leads up to the day of the premiere. Everything was going well as plan, that is until Tina interrupts in the middle of the show, declaring that Frond’s information on mono is false because it doesn’t cause early death. And that there’s no way in hell that kissing a person don’t cause diseases…unless you kiss someone who has a oral disease like herpes, then it’s a whole different story. Don’t believe me? Talk to your health teacher. Anyway, Tina tried to prove Frond wrong about mono by testing it out by kissing Darryl before trying it out on everyone else. And I mean, EVERYONE in the audience…so…


Yeah…apparently, we got no confirmation on what the hell is going on after Tina announced that she’ll be kissing everyone in the audience. But we do know that she regained her status and got re-invited to Jocelyn’s party. And questioning the fourth kiss that I talked about in the beginning of the review, is this the fourth kiss? Is the one we see in the credits kiss number five? So I guess we may or may not get any confirmation on this. But anyway, let’s talk about the end of the episode before talking about the B-plot.


Of course, like any other teenage party, you have spin the bottle where we have Tina spinning the bottle and landing on each boy as the credits progresses while doing a cover version of the hit 1978 song, “Just What I Needed” by The Cars. So I guess both sides have won in this week’s episode in the Tina shipping category. Here’s the Tina/Jimmy Jr shippers after this week’s episode…


…and here’s the Tina/Zeke shippers after this week’s episode…


…wow, a lot of people over there in the shipping game. Like I said, in this week’s episode, the shipping game is complicated. Whether you rather ship Tina with either Jimmy Jr or Zeke, this episode put aside the differences…for now, at least. And let’s hope to keep it that way. Otherwise, you know the drill.


The B-plot of the episode…it’s an okay one with Linda, Bob, Gene, and Louise are on shoe hunt following Gretchen taking the shoe back after buying from an auction that Linda started after trying to get rid of a box full of junk. Which lead to the invention of the wine shoe. No patent intended. Which shifted from finding the other half of the shoe to getting rid of the shoe by giving it to someone else, hence, the Fischoeders.


Things were going well for the Belchers except that both Fischoeders aren’t interesting in investing in Linda’s wine shoe invention, thought the only reason why they’re here is because they thought they’re going to pick up the overdue rent. Thought the Cinderella backstory not working out, hoping that Disney won’t sue them for copyright claims, they go to Plan B, which is crying. The most cliche thing to do to get someone’s attention when running out of ideas, is crying. That didn’t work as well. Wow, this is not Linda’s day when it comes to selling that shoe. You know, you could sell it online like eBay or Amazon or maybe pitch in on reality TV shows like Shark Tank or The Apprentice? Okay, just Shark Tank because The Apprentice is under new management because…yeah, you know the deal. So apparently, we have one side of the episode where one dream come true and one dream got crushed, so this episode has what look like a 50-50 shot on this. But something tells me that the A-plot of the episode was more enjoyable than the the B-plot. But we’ll let the thoughts do the decision but something tells me that the B-plot of the episode does not work out for me. Even though it’s was okay to watch, it doesn’t work out on me, mainly because of switching positions from getting the other of the shoe to getting rid of the shoe in one fatal swoop.


So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Well, I think it’s a good episode, but mostly on the A-plot of the episode, leaving the B-plot to reach the “watchable” column. Of course, like I said, if you are a Tina/Jimmy Jr shipper or a Tina/Zeke shipper, then this episode might be for you, mostly around the credits when Tina played spin the bottle at Jocelyn’s party. Of course, besides the whole “dream” thing, I really think this side of the episode tackle the topic of how your body, mostly around “sexual shaming” and that kissing someone doesn’t make you a bad person. Mostly around the dangers of misinformation. And I really love it how Tina told everyone that mono doesn’t cause early death and tried to prove Frond’s information wrong by kissing everyone in the audience. And of course, really love Jimmy Jr’s face when Tina announced that while the musical is in progress. And speaking of that, if you’re a Tina/Jimmy Jr, shipper, of course we got our fourth (or fifth) kiss for the community. Or if you’re a Tina/Zeke shipper, the first. So I guess both sides called it a truce…for now. Wait till future episodes that spotlighted either one, then we’ll see which one will cheer and which one will explode. So until then, a truce is called. Both sides of the aisle won in this week’s episode. As for the B-plot however, like I said, it’s an okay episode, but deemed rewatchable in my taste. But like I said, it doesn’t suit me mostly because it kind of switch positions from getting the other half of the shoe to getting rid in one fatal swoop just to be rejected by the two buyers, the Fischoeders. Of course, not to forget anything around here, really enjoyed Bob giving Tina advice, but unlike any ordinary dad in the world raising a teenage daughter, he’s not surprised or in shock about Tina kissing anyone. He’s okay with it. I thought most dads seeing their daughters growing up become overprotecting that they’re afraid of losing them. But of course, this is about Tina getting into the spotlight and nothing else as I expect from a Tina-centric episode. So all and all, I think this episode has the A-plot tackling a certain topic with a certain health topic while the B-plot probably something that needed to be rewatched. I give “The Hormone-iums”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…an 8.5 out of 10. Like I said, this episode kind of split half and half with the A-plot being enjoying with Tina tackling the topic of “sexual shaming” while the B-plot probably needed some work, but it’s an okay one. Probably rewatchable for you to tell me what you think about this week’s episode in the comments below. But anyway, tune in April 24th as Bob’s friend coming for a visit to the restaurant by giving it a makeover, but will Bob like the idea of changing the style? Tune in the Fifteenth Episode of the Season Six, “Pro Tiki/Con Tiki.” Until then, I will see you guys later!


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