Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 15 Review – Extreme Makeover: Burger Edition.



In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Bob’s friend comes to the restaurant for a visit where a partnership is being made which leads to the restaurant being renovated. This is my spoilerific review of “Pro Tiki/Con Tiki.”

This episode was an okay one, quite a bit predictable in my case when it comes to the renovation of the restaurant and of course, Bob’s reaction to the idea. Not to mention, seeing Bob’s childhood friend for the first time in ages. Don’t know if he was ever mentioned in past episodes in past seasons? Oh yeah…he was mentioned back in Season 3’s “Carpe Museum.” How do I forget about that?


Speaking of that, we got meet Warren. Who we find out that he’s rich. Filthy rich. So rich that he might want to look out in the near future because if either Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein become president, you better pay your taxes to help out the economy. Anyway, it’s nice to finally see Warren Fitzgerald to the show by making a visit to the restaurant and staying over for a week which leads to him and Bob creating a partnership to renovate the restaurant with $100,000 given to him. Man, if I get an opportunity with a partnership and $100,000 given to me…yeah, you better give me the contract and find someone to read it carefully. And besides all that, when you see the episode, you can hear who is voicing Warren in this week’s episode?


That’s right, Actor Chris Parnell is lending the voice of Bob’s friend in this week’s episode. He also lend the voice of Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty and of course, Cyril Figgis from the FX series, “Archer.” I would never imagine Parnell would work on this series with his co-worker from Archer. And besides, this isn’t the first time that the two series may have clashed with each other. You see, I’ve been binge watching Archer and of course from my prior knowledge through this, there’s that one episode in the fourth season when Sterling, posing as Bob, working at the restaurant. Grilling burgers while taking on four KGB hitmen. There’s a clip of that on YouTube, you should search it up and watch it. It’s kind of surprising. And also fun to watch.


Now of course, with Warren visiting the house, meaning that one of the Belcher kids had to give up their room to pass the time and well, looks like it’s Gene that will give up his room, to sleep in the living room. And reasons behind that is because Tina, Gene, and Louise called to be “not it” with Gene being the last one, meaning that he has to give up his room. Which is good for Gene because he likes sleeping in the living room, declaring it as his own “place,” naming it “New Gene-land.” Which is like New England, but with farts as export and peeing in rain boots is legal. So if Trump becomes president (and the state blocking me from voting because of the Voter ID law), this might be a good place to hang…either that or Canada. And of course, we got a side joke from Gene when telling Bob on the phone to give him fries. As seen with him finishing up a bag of chips. We get it, we were all hungry during the middle of the night, while getting to sleep. Craving for the munchies. I don’t see you driving to the nearest Taco Bell at two in the morning just to get a $1.99 taco and fall asleep a bite later. It’s not like that. Pretty sure I don’t do that…yeah, I’m pretty sure I don’t.


Now that the partnership is made and Warren giving away a check of $100,000 to Bob’s pocket, that leads to renovating the restaurant. Now, when it comes to renovating, it needs to have a theme. Every business has a theme, like this website, it’s shit. That’s all I got. Now for the restaurant, Warren chose the tiki theme for the place. Meaning that the restaurant is going Hawaiian with boxes being delivered to the place with wall decors, table covers, and a talking pineapple.


Yes, a talking pineapple. Acting like a greeter whenever someone comes in and out to and from the restaurant like a Walmart greeter. Except in battery powered machine form. It reminds of that talking fish on the plaque I see in some places growing up, like for example, in sporting goods and outdoor stores. Seeing that every time, abusing the shit out of the button till the battery runs dry.


Anyway, with the tiki theme now in full effect, business is booming when a lot of customers, mostly men in suits, enter the restaurant. Everyone is enjoying it. Even Jimmy Pesto, who made a cameo in this week’s episode, liking the change to the restaurant. Wow, 2016 really need to calm the fuck down. But anyway, everyone is enjoying the tiki theme, everyone except for one person. Which is Bob, of course. Apparently, Bob doesn’t like the changes that Warren made to the restaurant following the creation of the partnership. And I get it, Bob doesn’t like change. No one does. He wanted plain and simple like how he first started. Said that to the guy who let his landlord’s brother to redecorate the bathroom and now customers don’t even know which one’s the toilet.


With Bob now hating the idea of the tiki theme taking over, even though he got it what he wanted, we want to end the partnership that he and Warren created along with taking back the $100,000 to Warren. Except one problem, Warren refused to do so. Like I said last week with my “Hormone-iums” review, where you if you tap out from a role, you’ll end up getting blackballed. Will, in the field of business, if you want to tap out from a contract that created a partnership, you could end up facing legal trouble. So much that you’ll end up risking losing money. Will it’s not that in this week’s episode when Bob tried to tell Warren to take his name off the deal, in which Warren refusing to do so, that leads to the two guys fighting. Guys, guys! Stop fighting! I’m not a professional therapist but work things out!


Speaking of that, the reason why both Bob and Warren fought is because of leadership. It was leadership that lead to this. And of course, it refers back to camp. And Warren also refers that Bob can be a real lead in the pack when it comes to both the family and the restaurant and stating that when it comes to being the leader, you must have a partner. That’s where he pointed at Linda aiding at Bob’s side. One example of the whole two man or one man, one woman team is of course, the President and Vice President. Or in this case now that we’re in an election year, a candidate and running mate. You know, rumor has it that if Ted Cruz wins the nomination, he might pick Carly Fiorina as his president. Same goes with Bernie Sanders if he wins the nomination, he might end up picking Elizabeth Warren for the ticket. If possible, he soooo got my vote. Also, don’t forget about the children. After the whole fiasco took place, everything turns back to normal and as Warren prepare to leave the next day, Bob ask him to have a drink together one last time. Huh, would never that if an old friend visits me. Hoping not to go at the same direction as what Bob and Warren just went through, but of course, something different. Maybe going at the same direction as them, but…nothing like…if I did invite a friend to my house…yeah…life’s pretty sad. They don’t know where I lived. And that’s the same to you guys reading this. Thanks, IP Address.


So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Actually, I think it’s an okay, quite enjoyable in my watch, that is if my local station keep interrupting when a storm occurred. God, you own me a few minutes of the episode, FOX. You owe me a few minutes! Anyway, it’s nice to finally see Warren in play in this week’s episode after being mentioned back in Season 3 and of course, really enjoyed Chris Parnell voicing the character, feeling the Archer vibe with both Parnell and Benjamin working together in one episode of this series. Really enjoyed the Hawaiian theme in the restaurant, it may have given a perfect touch to the place when living by the shore. Of course, that talking pineapple…is going to be the death of me. And let’s not to mention the whole leadership thing that Warren mentioned, thought it was good, hearing that Bob tried to keep things in order in both the business and the family, acting like he’s the leader of the pack. You know, hierarchy. I know this review isn’t a strong one, but don’t worry, the season’s almost over with. Only four episodes left. Yeah, four. Thought we’re supposed to get twenty-two episodes, but because of FOX screwing the fandom with sports, awards, and a Easter show, we’re only down to four. Meaning that the remaining three episodes will go to Season Seven in the Fall. Finally put that aside, so all and all, I think this episode is friendship at its finest. What do you expect, friendship always win. I give “Pro Tiki/Con Tiki”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…an 8.5 out of 10. Like I said, not a very strong review I ever worked on, but it’s an okay episode to watch. And if you don’t agree with me, then go watch the episode and tell me what you think in the comments below. But anyway, there’s no new episode this coming Sunday due to country music. Think I know why almost everyone are not big fan of country. But tune in this coming Mother’s Day, May 8th, as the show prepare to take a jab on the whole “Zyan leaves 1D” fiasco as Boo Boo from the band Boyz 4 Now announced his departure and when Louise heard the news, she signed up for a contest that might get Tina a chance to meet him. Ya sure this is for Tina? You don’t still have a thing for Boo Boo, do you Louise? In the Sixteenth Episode of Season Six, “Bye Bye Boo Boo.” Until then, I will see you guys later!


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