Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episode 17 Review – Jericho: Stallion of the Imagination.



Giddy up, cowboys and cowgirls, cause in this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Tina gets to go to Horse Camp for the Summer, but had to get to say goodbye her imaginary horse while Linda and the kids play camp after thinking that they’re feeling left out. This is my spoilerific review of “The Horse Riderer.” Don’t know how many horse puns I can put in for this review, so don’t “foaling” around and be on the lookout for it.


We got a Tina-centric episode and it revolves around one of Tina’s favorite things in the world, and no…it’s not zombies, don’t tell Tina that Fear the Walking Dead is back on the air, it’s horses. We got an equestrian episode, and no, it’s NOT what I’m talking about, it’s about Tina wanting to go to horse camp for the Summer. And it’s quite ironic that it’s almost Summer here in the United States (that is if you live in the Midwest and New England where it’s like Spring is longer a season) and Season Six is about to draw to a close in about a week, so make plans for the upcoming Summer vacation, unless Mother Nature decided to be a major bitch for the upcoming months. Also to add insult to injury here, Tina has NEVER ridden a horse. Yeah, never ridden a horse before coming from the girl who has a horse obsession. That’s like saying you have no political experience from the guy who has an interest in politics. Seriously, what up with that?! Anyway, Tina wanted to go to Horse Camp of her dreams in Montana.


Yep, Montana, one of the three famous Montanas besides Joe and Hannah. Tina wanted to go so bad, but it looks like it’s never gonna happen because the family doesn’t have enough money to get Tina a one way saddle to the camp plus had to get a new fryer because the old one is broken. Wow, you prefer making fries over your daughter’s dream camp for the summer vacation? This economy, man.


Of course, it ain’t a horsey episode without Tina’s imaginary horse coming into play. Yep, we got to meet Jericho, which is the only horse that Tina can talk and ride into the sunset. And we even got a little dream sequence of the two riding on the beach on the sunset like something you see in a romance novel that features Fabio in the cover. Remember Fabio? What happened to that guy? Anyway, here’s what surprising about Jericho when it comes to the voicing department. And no, it’s not Fabio, sorry mom and single ladies. But it’s Paul Rudd.


Yep, Paul Rudd played Jericho in this week’s episode, which to question the casting crew, how the hell did they get Rudd to the show? Of course, when you hear Paul Rudd’s name every time this guy’s name is mentioned, this is probably what you think in mind.


Yep, as the miniature hero known as Ant-Man from the Marvel movie last year with the same name, and of course this year in Civil War. Haven’t seen Civil War, I heard it’s a pretty good movie. Anyway, guy did an amazing job voicing the imaginary horse and I hope we get more of this, not sure about that since Rudd is a A-list actor and he’s probably busy with other work. And besides, this isn’t the first time that Rudd has done things for the show. Back in September 2014, when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was huge at the time, he was nominated by Tina Belcher, along with Chris Harrison and Scott Van Slyke of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Wonder if Rudd already did the challenge? Anyway, while Tina is riding on Jericho across her room, Louise and Gene begins to “worry” about her, like talking to an imaginary friend makes you a weird person? Come on, admit it, we all talk to our imaginary friend growing up. That doesn’t make us a messed person. Anyway, with that, Louise and Gene urged Bob and Linda to get Tina to the camp pronto by selling some of their stuff, even though that wouldn’t be enough to get her a full month to the camp, meaning that Bob and Linda has no choice but to pay for Tina’s horse camp meaning that getting a new fryer has going to have to wait. And which leads to the next morning when the rest of the Belcher family held up a banner of “You’re going to Horse Camp, Tina” when Tina arrives at the kitchen, acting like her dreams has been crushed from last night till she cleaned the lens of the glasses and saw the banner, which means that her dream has finally come true.


And when the big day has come, Tina has one more thing to do before heading off to camp, which is NOT in Montana or any other ranch state, but out of town, is to say goodbye to Jericho. Yeah, we know that feeling when it’s time to grow up so much that we have to say goodbye to an imaginary friend. It’s tough, but we gotta move on. Thought it’s gonna be a bit emotional, but nah, well…mostly coming from Jericho, which surprisingly did not expect him wearing daisy dukes before Tina left the house to head to camp. We’ll never forget you Jericho…for the duration of the episode.


Thought Tina was really enjoying her time at Horse Camp since she wanted to go since like forever. However, this doesn’t seems to be the case when Tina got a horse that hates her. Yeah, the horse’s name is Plops, reasoned to be named is because…he plops. As in taking a shit. Should have been named Sir Shits a Lot. Anyway, like I said, the horse doesn’t like Tina when the two met. When Tina was riding with Plops in horse riding class, Tina lost control to Plops by riding along the fence, hurting her leg. God, imagine the splinters. And besides, getting along with an animal, including a horse, is not easy. I’m no animal expert, but it’s not easy. It could take a boatload of time just to get along. If the animal likes you, boom, friendship. If the animal doesn’t like you, then…fuck it. Tina is still still taking a chance to get Plops to like her by giving her a picture of herself, in which to reply on that…


Wonder if I can get that to put it on my wall? My room has little to no photos on the wall. And of course, an apple. Horses like apples. And so does Sugar Cubes. But enough about food, we’re talking about Tina trying to get the horse to like her. In which, the girl kept trying, and trying, and trying until the day of the presentation when while Tina was riding with Plops, she ran to a bumpy trail, which because of the apple hitting Plops in the snout, she lost control and headed off to another direction, being separated from the group and fell off. Well, there’s another to know about animals, they are sensitive. One false move and it’s a hayride to the hospital or the nearest cemetery. And you thought Plops was gonna go crawling back to Tina and help her right? Well…


Yep, Plops left Tina behind. So I guess making friends with Plops is a big no. Which could spell major problems for Tina on the day of the presentation…not exactly when Jericho comes to the rescue at the last minute.


Really love the scene with Tina riding with Jericho on the day of the presentation, I mean, you show Tina really riding it out around the stage, in which for the viewer, you can see Tina really riding Jericho like some expert rider, like she is born to ride. But when you’re the audience who are watching Tina performing including the Belchers, they thought Tina was just horsing around, walloping like a 2-3 year old playing with a horse head with a stick. Remember those? Yeah, I remember those. I mean, it was a nice scene to watch. Using the power of your imagination to get through the day with the end of the episode with Tina and Jericho presumptively riding off to the sunset like you see at every ending of every western movies when the main lead head off with the word “the end” or “fin” get in the way. And besides, there’s nothing with using your imagination. That doesn’t make us psychologically challenged or anything like that. It’s a part of growing up, it’s one of things that we do when we’re bored. I mean, I use my imagination dozens of time when growing up, I’m still using them right now and I’m a College Student, that doesn’t make me a freak or anything. And if you’re not an imaginative person, then congratulations, why are you even here? And before you leave your angry comments below, let’s talk about that B-plot and see if it’s better than last week’s train wreck.


After dropping Tina off from Horse Camp, Linda realized that she felt bad that Tina is experiencing her camp experience and not Gene and Louise. Um…pretty sure Gene and Louise are not interesting in camp, but that doesn’t stop Linda from getting the two young siblings from getting their experience and what better way to that is to create their own camp, called Restaurant Camp! Yeah…like Hamburger University is already a real thing. But Restaurant Camp? Linda…please think of a better name than Restaurant Camp.


So basically, the activities was supposed to be fun to enjoy. You know your basics like canoing or making art or pranking the camp councilor, well…they have that only with a few differences. Canoing? What about box canoing that can probably hurt your bottom. Making art? What about tying two straws. Yeah…I don’t think that’s really possible for that, mainly because the straw is not bendable. It was made that way. And of course, you got scary story telling, nothing changed, it’s pretty much a normal activity to do while attending camp. Linda told a scary story to Louise, Gene, Andy, and Ollie, which the Pesto Twins made an appearance after being dropped off by Jimmy Pesto, in which to some the Bob’s Burgers livebloggers on Tumblr wondering when Jimmy Jr is making an appearance…that’s one subject that I should tackle if the time is right. Anyway, Linda tried to scare the four children in the tent, they did got jump scared, but not impressed on what Linda is doing. Which drove Linda off mad. So mad, that she doesn’t come in the next day, meaning that Bob has to shut Restaurant Camp down. But moments after is when Gene and Louise realized that they’re enjoying it, mostly because they don’t want to spend their day sitting on the couch, being lazy. Well…that’s probably what people do on a Summer Vacation…sit on your ass for the entire day that you’re stuck and can’t get up.


Back to the ordeal, Linda knew that this would come to this mostly because she seen way too many camp movies, that if the camp is in trouble of being shut down, the only way to keep it open and get the person responsible for shutting it down is to do a talent show to keep the camp open. I mean, which camp movie does it do that?


Okay…I stand corrected. Anyway, the talent scene…honestly, it was cute. Yeah, you got Linda, Gene, and Louise doing a short song to Bob, who Linda thinks he’s the guy who wants the camp to be shut down, to convince him to keep it open. And it worked. Like I said, it was cute to watch and the B-plot in this week’s episode is an okay one. Thought it’s going nowhere with this with the whole camp experience since the series already have a camping episode back in Season 4, but this was an okay B-plot. In my opinion, an apology for the disappointing B-plot in the last episode.


And of course, don’t want to forget about this, the side plot to the two plots revolving around the fryer. Remember when Bob and Linda has to pay for Tina’s horse camp over fixing or getting a new fryer, well…if you’re Teddy in this week’s episode, not a good idea. I mean, give the guy some fries with his burger. And he took matters when he secretly brought fries from another restaurant. And I’m NOT done yet, ladies and gentlemen, he took matters in his own hands when he tried to fix the broken down fryer by jamming and shaking it to make the thing work. Like I said, give the guy some goddamn french fries to get through the day. This isn’t a national issue, just…give him some fries.


So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Well I think it’s a pretty good episode, again, coming from the A-plot of the episode. Paul Rudd did an amazing job playing the imaginary horse and I do hope if he is coming back mostly because he is a busy guy, with other roles coming in right after this one, if possible, and like I said, he did an amazing job playing Jericho. Tina finally got to go to horse camp, but with some problems revolving around her horse, but that scene with Tina riding with Jericho in the near end of the episode was enjoyable, using her imagination to tackle through the ring. Nothing says imagination like riding your imaginary horse to wow the audience. Don’t believe me, listen to this song in the text below.


The B-plot was also enjoyable as well, thought it’s going nowhere, thought it’s probably going to be bad as last week’s, but because of that little play that Linda and the kids did give the B-plot a “cute” in the enjoyable meter. And let’s not to forget that little subplot with Teddy wanting some fries, like I said, give the poor guy some fries. That’s probably my favorite side from the episode besides Tina riding Jericho and Linda and the kids doing a little play. So all and all, I think this episode is a purebread full of imagination. I give “The Horse Rider-er”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…an 8 out of 10. Like I said, it’s a pretty good episode, a stallion of a episode with imagination being the theme. Did enjoy the part with Tina riding Jericho, Linda and the kids doing a little play, and that subplot with Teddy going overreacting over the no fries fiasco. So guys, here we are, only two episodes left and like last year with Season 5, we get double episodes for the Season 6 Finale with another Tina-centric episode when her ideas of love and romance are being tested. And Bob gets stuck in the toilet…yeah, that’s a real synopsis, ladies and gentlemen…as he gets ready for a magazine interview. In the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Episodes of Season Six, “Secret Admiral-irer” and “Glued, Where’s My Bob?” AKA, the One Hundredth Episode (Productively) of the series! Better get the party supplies ready. So until then, I will see you guys later!


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