Bob’s Burgers Season 6, Episodes 18 and 19 Review – Drunk in Love (Not the Song) and A Flush to Fame.



In this week’s NOT one, but TWO episodes of Bob’s Burgers, it’s the biggest love hunt of the century when Tina has to find her elder woman that she is taking care of all while Bob goes “The Hangover” with his new friends in the first half. And in the Second Half, Bob is glued in the toilet while getting ready for a major interview that could give him major publicity. This is my spoilerific reviews of “Secret Admiral-irer” and “Glued, Where’s My Bob?”. The end of the road for the Sixth Season.

“Secret Admiral-irer”


Beginning with “Secret Admiral-irer,” another Tina-centric episode for this week after getting one last week with Paul Rudd playing Jericho. Well, in this week’s episode, Tina’s playing matchmaker, or in this case, love hunter when she noticed a letter from a old flame delivered to the woman she has to take care for volunteering, Meryl. I mean, the letter was written when the two were young, probably around World War II…Korean War time when their love took place. Is kind of like Hawk and Chick last year where you have the main character(s) have to play scavenger hunt to find the long lost person for a reunion. But instead of a father/daughter reunion, it’s a Admiral and lover reunion. Thought you’re supposed to do a reunion thing once the war is over unless you have to do another call of duty by standing guard or be on the boat across the ocean. This isn’t Pearl Harbor, you know. Remember the movie Pearl Harbor where there’s two guys in love with that one nurse…in the midst of World War II…in 1941 Hawaii. I watched the movie in my history class, it’s okay. Long but okay to watch.


And you think that it’s that episode with Tina and Jimmy Jr going at it again? Well…nope. The guy just walked with Tina…and Louise, Gene, Andy, and Ollie tagging along, trying to start a conversation, I mean, there’s nothing with that. But then comes to the part when Tina trying to ask Jimmy Jr out, and she got rejected…again. I mean…look, I have nothing against Jimmy Jr, but dude, you kissed her four…five times, three this season, but for fucks sake, go with her for once. I’m not in favor of forced relationships, but it’s for the shippers to make them shut up. And hoping they don’t riot to the streets. And…we’re at the finishing point for Season Six and the ship hasn’t become canon. Oh my god, are you really eager to get Back to Back ready to go? *sighs* At least we got Season 7 to look forward to.


Speaking of Meryl, we got to meet her great nephew, Joel, who was just coming out for a birthday check. I mean, we all probably get money as a birthday present. Got $40, I spent it on lunch. Don’t ask. Anyway, you thought that Joel was going to be a good character in the duration of the series? Well…not really because something is shady going on with his character, mostly around visiting his great aunt Meryl coming in the following week that Tina visit her again, thought it’s his birthday, even though his birthday was last week. You kind of notice that something doesn’t add up with his visit. Which of course, lead up to the suspicion that Joel stole the pearl necklace that Meryl haven’t wore in a really long time. I mean, what kind of person would ruin your great aunt’s chances for love? I tell you who? A gold digger. Accusing the guy for being a gold digger, that could explain getting her great aunt’s money by pretending that it is his birthday every week. The kids told Sergeant Bosco, who came back in this week’s episode, that Joel is the culprit who stole the pearl necklace. Which leads to a little oopsie in the latter part of the episode. More on that if you scroll down as you read the review.


The ballroom scene in this week’s episode was amazing to see, perfect with Meryl wearing something fancy for her reunion with her secret admirer…well…no sign finding the guy, so the kids and Linda has to dress up a drunk, tired Bob, which I will get to that B-plot later, as the Admiral that should’ve went with the coat that his “buddies” gave him with two pieces of cheese as shoulder ranks and pieces of candy as ribbons. Pretty sure it won’t fool anyone with this. Of course, it’s Meryl, she got totally bad vision just as what Tina describe her appearance. But when the dance is taking place, the plan is falling apart when Meryl noticed that the shoulder ranks are actually cheese and the buttons falling from the coat. Remember, she have bad vision, she’s not blind, but she can touch to sense something’s going on and well, looks like Tina’s plan for a perfect reunion is about to crash and burn…or “was” if it weren’t for this guy…


Yep, the real Admiral showed up out of nowhere in front of Meryl just Bob begins to head backstage and I gotta say, that scene was so sweet to watch. I mean, we got lovers finally reunited after being separated for decades after their first encounter. And I know what you’re thinking, did I cry or almost cry about this? Well…no. Not really. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this scene, but no emotions were made in this episode as the Belchers experiencing the two lovebirds dancing through the night under the spotlight. Do really enjoy the moment…let’s hope the two don’t die at old age.


Let’s not forget about Joel about to be under arrest by Sergeant Bosco following accusations of being the pearl necklace robber. Yeah…good luck in court, guy! I hope you plead the fifth…and finding a lawyer. Yeah, for a second there, I think this side of the episode was a bit paced, but of course, it’s a good A-plot, bit paced at the end, but good to watch. Now, for Drunk Bob.


Yes, the reason why Bob looked like someone coming out from a college final is because he started hanging out with some restaurateurs that he met when those guys like Bob’s cooking so much, that they wanted him to make them food for them and their buddies at the struck of midnight. And you know the saying, we’re staying till midnight, right, guys? I mean, what can go wrong with Bob and his restaurateurs spending the night?


Eee…looks like a scene coming from The Hangover. Anyone seen The Hangover? No? I haven’t. Yeah, I don’t know what the hell happened during the overnight hours but something everyone including Bob was intoxicated with alcohol, so much so I think I’m hearing Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love in the background to coincide with the mood. And besides, this isn’t the first time that the restaurant was trashed like some motel room after Spring Break, remember back in “Lobsterfest” when the restaurant was trashed by everyone while riding out a hurricane. Surprised why they didn’t evacuate or issue Hurricane Warnings. And about to go off topic here that the Belchers live in New Jersey and there was a hurricane and it was released in May of 2011, three months before Hurricane Irene did the same thing!!!


So…um…foreshadowing? Is the show predicting the future now? I mean, the town was untouched, just some minor damage. I mean, if that episode premiered in 2012, they probably won’t see Sandy coming. Anyway, back to this episode, even though Bob is hungover following his little “adventure” overnight, he still hanging out with those guys and still getting drunk and tired. And I’m pretty sure drinking that much alcohol for a man in that age can really cause some major health problems because drinking that much alcohol can destroy the body, as in destroying some your organs like your liver. Which of course, is the leading cause of liver cancer. I’m no doctor but I encourage you that you don’t consume that much alcohol…also…don’t drink and drive.


Anyway, the way Bob looked after night after night after night of hanging out and gone drinking, looks like he’s about to die, you can see the expression in his face with his eyes looking groggy and baggy with a tired, sleepy attitude. I mean, the guy needs a break for once in a while, getting some rest before living it up again but his new friends in the restaurant world kept pressuring him, he can’t refuse to say “no” to them. He had to hang out with them no matter what. That’s where bailing takes place when pretending to be Meryl’s secret admirer for Tina. And the rest is history when after the whole reunion, at the end of the episode, it’s Linda to the rescue when telling his new friends outside the restaurant/house that “Sorry Guys, Bob’s Dead. Go Home.” Oh Linda, what do we do without you? Honestly, this is a good episode, though it was bit paced at the end of the episode, but it was a good episode to watch. But that’s enough with “Secret Admiral-irer,” time to review the season finale of Season Six, “Glued, Where’s My Bob?” Yes…that’s a real title, just go along with it.

“Glued, Where’s My Bob?”

Time to address the elephant in the room, IT’S THE ONE HUNDRENTH EPISODE!!! AND IT’S REAL THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!


That’s right, everyone, this is officially the one hundredth episode, finally reach the milestone, yadda, yadda, yadda, according to my “Stand By Gene” review. Time to party, here’s the celebration GIF.


Yep, this is officially the one hundredth episode, well…one hundred and seventh episode, but who gives a shit about that, it’s a time for celebration and…wow, one hundred episodes…bruh, we made it. 100 Episodes (107 officially), 5 years, 6 going into 7 seasons…this is a major milestone not just for the show but for the cast and crew and the fans as well. And…as a guy who review the show since back in January of 2014, I would never imagine I would go that far. 106 episodes in for the overall series, this is my 48th and 49th review for the series. With the start of Season 7 in the Fall my 50th overall review. So, the series isn’t the only one that reached the milestone, but for me as well. And…it’s a lot of hard work trying to entertain the reader, coming up with satire to blend in with the episode and…wow. What I like to say is congrats to the cast and crew behind the show, Loren, Jim for reaching the magic number of 100 and here to another 100 more!

giphy (2)

Anyway, without further ado, here it is, my spoilerific review of “Glued, Where’s My Bob?”, the 100th produced episode and the final episode for the Sixth Season.


Look at that, no opening…how I missed you. Anyway, Bob received a phone call from Skip Marooch, who came in this week’s episode via helicopter ride in the jungle looking for some spice to tell Bob that he will be interviewed by a magazine. Now, that is a huge opportunity for Bob and the family because if the interview goes completely perfect without ANY interruption or something that can ruin the opportunity, they will get noticed. Which will be huge. And I mean…Yooge for not just them, but for the town as well…mostly them. And Bob hopes everything go as plan by the interview comes in without someone or something ruining day. I mean, what the worst that could, right? Riiight? Riiiiiiiight?


Mom, I don’t wanna play this game anymore. Yeah, Bob’s perfect day turned to dust…or sticky liquid when he is stuck in the toilet while taking a shit thanks to Louise in a prank war that was supposed to be reserved for Gene. Oh yeah, there was a prank war between the three siblings. Just to add that one up. Anyone, Bob blames the whole thing on Louise since she was the one who puts glue to the toilet seat, but Louise thinks that she didn’t do shit on the whole ordeal. Pleading the fifth. But that’s not the main issue that been going on right now as the family have to think of a plan to get Bob out from the toilet before the interview starts. Which of course, lead to Teddy, who is calling from therapy. Yeah…I don’t know why Teddy is in therapy? What was it that landed him into…


Oh…that’s right, anger issues. Forgot about that back in Season 4’s “Uncle Teddy” when throwing Jonas’ moped to the surface, down the hill. Of course, while Teddy heads towards the restaurant…


We have Gretchen coming with a box of make-up to get Bob photo ready for the shoot, which of course, when getting ready for a photo shoot, you have to look pretty for the camera. So do you become like shit when taking a photo. You know with the age of Instagram and Snapchat, you could add some effects to make the magic happen. But of course, be true with that picture, don’t do any photoshop, just leave it alone. Then of course, after Gretchen coming into the restaurant with a make-up comes Jimmy Pesto noticing what’s going on where he is notified by Gretchen that Bob’s getting a interview by a popular magazine. Of course, that talk was interrupted when Teddy barged into the restaurant and ready to ram the door, not one, but two times. Which it work, but cause the people to see Bob stuck in the toilet. Should’ve been better for Teddy if he can jiggle the door knob, unlock with the key, you know…hold the door.


Oh…right…sorry Game of Thrones fans about this week’s episode! And spoiled it, blame the Internet. Anyway, everyone is surprised to see Bob stuck in the toilet, everyone except Jimmy Pesto who is telling everyone in the town to go see Bob stuck in the toilet. Like shit is already going down south when he is stuck in the toilet and now this…cue “The Sounds of Silence” in the background.


Yeah…poor Bob right now, being stuck in the toilet after a prank gone wrong and now becoming the joke in the town…must be the worst day ever in his life…well…he had worse things before, so it’s not new. Just to keep it 100 here.


Of course, it ain’t the one hundredth episode without a musical number with Bob and Louise. You got one verse with Bob still stuck in the toilet and you another verse with Louise claiming that she still didn’t done anything wrong with the ongoing situation. Anyway, the musical number was enjoyable with Bob and Louise singing in a duet, imagining the possibilities of Bob getting out from the toilet before the interviewer comes in. And the animation.


It’s like something you add with Instagram effects mixed with glitter with Bob and Louise flying out from the restaurant spinning counterclockwise in the sky. That’s something you probably see in a magical girl anime, you know, in the transformation sequence. Where did I see that before?


Yeah…I’m not proud of it. Almost reminded me of the transformation scenes from Sailor Moon. Only Three, Four episodes behind in the Third Season, after this review is over for the season, I’m catching up. Anyway, back to the musical number, it’s really enjoyable to watch, really loving the father/daughter musical number duet, and I do hope we can get more in the future, possibly the next season.


Back with the toilet-gate, everyone arrive the scene, and I mean EVERYONE, also including the media, just thank god it’s the local media because if it’s the national media like CNN or MSNBC or Fox News, it will not be Bob’s day. I mean, screw Clinton and Trump, this could be the most talked topic of the day. Luckily no one put up a hashtag on this whole fiasco on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram because once on the Internet, it will ruin your life. Pay attention, children!!! Anyway, the only to get Bob out from the toilet is to pull the guy from the glued seat like waxing, or in this case, a loose tooth, hence incoming Dr. Yap to the rescue. Because, why not! But before that, Bob received another phone call from Skip, riding in an ATV, guess he landed the area, about the interviewer that Bob will be facing and that guy that Bob will be facing is one tough cookie, one simple mistake and that’s it, you ain’t getting shit. So everything has to be perfect, as in the family, Teddy, and Dr. Yap had to get Bob out from the seat as soon as possible, and I thought they’re gonna do it? Well, they’re trying to get Bob out from the seat, but that’s until…


They’re…here. Yep, the interviewer and cameraman from the magazine that Skip described are here to interview Bob but when they saw Bob glued to the toilet, they begin to leave. Without accepting an apology from Bob and the family. Which leads to Bob becoming crazily mad, trying to tell everyone in the restaurant that it’s same old story where the Belcher family face random shit everyday in the past years. Yeah…no shit there, Bob. That could explain why the show exists. Cue the meme!




But of course, the only person who tried to convince the guys behind the magazine to do another chance on the interview is Louise. Who confessed that she did the whole Bob stuck on the toilet thing and she didn’t mean to ruin the soon to be amazing day for not just Bob, but the whole family. That’s where the Belchers and Teddy lead a chant “Toilet Bob” and everyone in the town tagged along to the chant, even though the guys begin to leave the place, that chant lead up to Bob finally getting out from the toilet and pass out to the floor. I mean…this is a powerful chant that the Belcher family and Teddy come up with after the whole mess took place. Everyone got involved in the chant. It’s like something coming out from a political campaign where you have a lot of this guy or gal’s supporters chanting which sends a powerful message just like what we are seeing this week’s episode. Which, this will only be the only time here since Summer vacation draws near, if you live in the remaining primary states, if you go the campaign rally, whether it’s Trump or Clinton, leave Sanders out, he’s a good man, I want you, the American voter who will be voting in the June 7th Primary, to chant “Toilet Bob” on the day of the rally. I will not be held accountable nor the show. No controversy needed. Like I said, this was a powerful chant for a powerful scene to witness to end the season. Remember last year when Linda give that powerful speech that make everyone drop their water balloons, well…this time it’s with Louise to make a speech and Teddy to make a chant minus the water balloons.


Then of course, a month later after the whole fiasco took place when…wait for it…they made to the magazine!!!


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the Belchers have made it to the magazine, even after the whole mess has taken over that faithful day, they got into the magazine. Hey, nothing says getting your thirty days of fame by doing some sore of publicity, even though it’s not a publicity. But still, they made it! Started from the bottom…


Now we’re here! And because of that, the restaurant is finally getting some business going. Of course, we’ll wait till Season 7 if that continues. Also to add something in the review before doing the Reaction/Thoughts column is this…


Yep, you got everyone singing a song to sing off the episode to celebrate the one hundredth episode. I mean, you got the Belchers, the Pestos, Teddy, Mort, Tammy, Jocelyn, Darryl, Rudy, Gayle…everyone, we got everyone involved in the credits from the past seasons, some we haven’t seen in like forever. We got one hundred episodes and apparently about 200-300+ characters estimated since the series began. Happy 100 to you guys! And here to another 100 more as we close the book on the Sixth Season of the series.


So what do I think about these two episodes of Bob’s Burgers? Honestly, these two episodes are amazing, the perfect way to end the Sixth Season for the series, even though the three remaining episodes will be now be Season 7’s property by the time we head to the Fall season. Out of these two episode, I mostly like the 100th Episode the best, I mean, this is probably one of the best episodes for the season thus far, no wonder it’s worth the wait…and a schedule to screw up, but it’s for the best. “Secret Admiral-irer” was good as well, thought the ending was a bit paced, but it was a good episode with both the A and B plots being watchable, really enjoyed the ballroom scene between Meryl and the admiral. And of course, really enjoyed Drunk Bob in the B-plot. Oh god, we need more of that in the future. And as for the one hundredth episode itself, it was totally worth the wait. Best episode so far this season, probably the best episode for the series, but that depends on a certain criteria to fill in the list. It’s an amazing episode, really enjoyed that musical number with a father/daughter duet and I do hope we can get more in the near future, possibly around the next season. And once again, congrats to the cast and crew behind the show, Jim and Loren for reaching a huge milestone for the show as I about to reach the milestone myself when it comes to the reviews in the Fall season. So all and all, I think these episodes are the perfect episodes to end the what look like a tangled season for the Sunday Night schedule. God, I hope this won’t happen again when we enter the Seventh Season. I give “Secret Admiral-irer”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…a 9 out of 10. The One Hundredth Episode, “Glued, Where’s My Bob?”…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…a perfect 10 out of 10. And my final score for the overall Sixth Season for the series…

Rating + Episode Info (Bob's Burgers)

…a 9 out of 10. So that’s it for me here for this review. That’s it, the Sixth Season if finally over and so does my reviews for awhile, just till the Fall season kicks in. So what do you think about these two episodes of Bob’s Burgers? Do you really enjoy Season Six of the show? What’s you’re favorite episode and/or moment in this season so far? Tell me what you think in the comments below and I will see you guys in either September or October…depends on the date. So until that is happening, Have a Safe and Pleasant Summer (or Winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere).



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