Bob’s Burgers Season 7, Episode 4 Review – Taking “I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse” to a new turn. | yahoo201027’s Bob’s Burgers Reviews.



In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, the Belchers go on an undercover sting after learning that the meat they’re using is NOT what they seems. Meat of the…horse kind. In my spoilerific review of the Fourth Episode of the Seventh Season, titled, “They Serve Horses, Don’t They?” Don’t worry, no horses were harmed in the making of this review.

This episode was oddly a good one, focusing now on the food portion of the show, most importantly, the kind of meat that Bob uses. Now I know that every hamburger meat comes from a cow and cows only, you know for protein added to your body. Now me living in Texas, eating meat is more of a daily thing, coming from a state that has good Barbecue whether it’s ribs or brisket or smoked sausage. I mostly eat them in a special occasion, probably during either Christmas or New Years. And you’re reading this from a guy who is a major picky eater. But enough about me, let’s get to the Belchers.


So, they need the meat for the food for the customers, so they need to get the meat guy to deliver to them. Thought they’re gonna get their usual guy to do so but instead call on a different guy for the same thing but a low, low price. And when probably think of that sentence, don’t know how this situation is about to go down. Some might be good, some might be bad. The Ross Department Store commercial where it shows a coat from the outlet mall with a high price then shows that same coat but with a low, low price. That’s the good example. What about to say about the meat when the Belchers bought the meat from the guy, whose name is Jack, bad. And why I do I think it’s bad that cost Bob and Linda an exact amount of $400 for the meat?


Let Ron and Hugo to explain after the Belchers and Teddy noticed something different when it comes to the taste of the meat and before we found out what kind of meat the Belchers used, glad to see Ron and Hugo coming back, and surprising their not doing the whole surprise inspection on the restaurant. Thought that whenever Hugo and Ron come in, a surprise inspection would pop out. Guess this week’s episode is not the perfect time for that because they noticed something odd going on and it’s connected to the Belchers and the meat they receive. That’s right, the Belchers are under “meat fraud,” AKA…horse meat.


That’s right, horse meat. Meat coming from a horse. And I know what you’re probably thinking, what’s wrong with horse meat? What is horse meat? Should we be concerned? Well, in America, if you serve horse meat, then of course, you’ll be in very big trouble because even though the taste is questionable, it’s illegal to sell that kind of meat. And there’s some countries, mostly in South American countries like Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia, that consider the meat “taboo.” It has even had a religious connection. In 732 AD, Pope Gregory III told the Catholic Church that, “Hey, we gotta stop eating the meat from a horse, It’s sickening. The Big Guy upstairs told me that.” Then again, there are some countries where eating horse meat is no big deal, mostly coming from some European and Asian Countries where they use the meat for their cuisine. Remind me if I do ever travel to another country that serve horse meat, I’ll probably pass. Don’t blame me, I’m a picky eater.

Anyway, back with Meat-gate or Horse-ghazi, Ron and Hugo are threatening to close down the restaurant just for using the meat, don’t know if possible indictment would be involved? Unless they want Bob to do something for them and that to capture Jack when ordering the next case of horse meat. And how? By creating a stakeout with Bob wearing a wire. And…really good job getting the equipment y’all needed for that stakeout, a pink walkie talkie like it’s from the Barbie department and a toy tape recorder like what a four, five year old would hold around the late 80s into early 90s. Man, I wonder how much does the local health department make in order to get that type of technology?


You know who I’m sorry for after hearing the news that the restaurant is serving horse meat? Tina. I mean, this is a horse. Her favorite animal in the whole world and she freaked out when hearing that bombshell being dropped. And by the time the stakeout begins, Tina is now calling for revenge against Jack for selling Bob horse meat. But the revenge that Tina just declared seems more of a loose cannon. I mean, dropping water on his shoes? What, is the banana used to injure someone got rotten all of a sudden? I mean, I know that revenge isn’t…Tina’s thing, probably the NOT revenge type. Not in like, Louise’s type of revenge when her favorite thing(s) got messed with and had to call in backup and threaten to cut the guy. You don’t see Tina threatening to chop the guy’s head off and use it as a key chain. I mean, look at Tina…


A sweet, little cupcake. A little ray of sunshine. Precious cinnamon roll too good for this world. But come between her by talking shit about her, her family, Jimmy Jr, or the things she likes, and she will fucking murder you. But like I said, Tina isn’t the revenge type, even though she tried to break Jack down during his second visit. It almost seems like Tina’s internal rage would end up sabotaging the stakeout, luckily, we have the family trying to calm her down. And when the scene where the family infiltrated the birthday party, despite being invited to, where Tina sees Jimmy Jr tanned, putting on sunscreen. Which…um…that’s a topic that needs to be discussed later on in this review. The tanned Jimmy Jr drove the topic of horse meat away from the mind of Tina…for a while till he saw him about to eat a hot dog and that’s where that thoughts of horse meat was brought up again. Man, it’s like think of the whole situation, only to get distracted by something else before getting a reminder of that situation in the last moment. Huh, feels like a mind of a procrastinator when supposing to work on a college assignment.


The stakeout that took up like 5-15 minutes of the episode was probably the best part for the episode, if it weren’t for the escape scene that included Bob in a slip n slide, mostly because of Bob trying his best to follow through to trap Jack when delivering the second pack of horse meat, but failed…three times. First time, trying to start up a conversation about meat with Jack, but of course, there was a fault after that and guessing it has something to with the volume during that conversation when both Ron and Hugo are unable to hear it. Just a little reminder when adding a wire to someone to get some info from audio is to check the audio to see or in this case, hear clearly by checking the volume and signal strength. When we get to the second try of this sting operation, the volume’s a bit better but Bob got an irritating itch, mostly coming from about like 30-40% of his chest hair now waxed off. Guess it has something to do with if one of your body parts that got it’s hair waxed off, that part is about to get really, really irritating and really, really itchy. Almost reminded me of when Bob and Gene faced an itch after getting waxed after helping, mostly Bob helping, Gene wants to take part, Tina getting her leg hair out back in Season 3’s “Mother Daughter Laser Razor.” So, that part failed and now has to go with a third try, which…actually falls apart quickly, like riding a bike on your way to school only to land a mishap with 5-10 minutes left before the first bell, where it begins to fall apart due to a faulty screw that is holding one part of the bike, which leads to the destruction of the bike, when the walkie talkie falls to the ground and Bob accidentally steps on it without looking. Bob…have you tried installing a camera? A camera would work to catch the perp. A camera would work to catch something sinister. Or in this, in the words of NOW President-Elect Donald Trump, can’t believe I just say that but the people has spoken, get some poll watchers and catch them in the act. But of course, finally got a saving grace when Jack called Bob on the phone and invited him and the Belcher family to a birthday party, which is perfect for Ron and Hugo because they, along with the Belchers will be at perpetrator territory, ready to crash the party. Even though the Belchers were invited and NOT Ron and Hugo. Huh, thought with all three tries, thought it would strike three and you’re out for the Belchers if it weren’t for that phone call, inviting them to a birthday party, which is the saving grace for the investigation and to catch Jack by getting his confession on tape.


Also, can we talk about what Louise has threaten to Hugo after the first trial of the sting failed. Threatening to bring the FDA to get involved after telling them that if it’s okay for Ron and Hugo to create a sting without their approval. I’m pretty sure bringing the federal government getting involved into this situation would be a bad idea into that type of stuff that is in the local level. I mean, I get it, selling horse meat is illegal to sell, but we don’t want this situation to reach national, if not, international news. You won’t see that on either CNN or MSNBC, or Fox News because they might probably not think it’s even news. Just to let you know.


The Belchers had to play it cool when about to enter the birthday party without Bob fucking up again or Tina trying to tear Jack apart piece by piece. And they did with Bob putting the tape on his pocket without attaching it to his chest or let it fall and break, trying to have another conversation with him, of course, he has to press the record button to catch the confession. But of course, in order to catch in full volume, he has to come close and standing up to make the tape better to hear. As for Tina, like I said earlier, got distracted with Jimmy Jr about to put on sunscreen and with Linda, Gene, and Louise, trying to be normal and have fun, until we Bob succeed with the confession on tape. Of course, what concerns me about that conversation that Bob and Jack have revolving around the meat is Jimmy Pesto. Why is Jimmy Pesto invited to this party? Does Pesto have a connection with this guy? Is Pesto selling horse meat to it’s customers? Those questions may or may not be answered when Jack notices something fishy is going on, which leads to him taking Bob inside into his apartment and finally confesses to him with, “Yes, it was I, I sold the horse meat.” Whispered to his ear, even though the tape is still recording. Yeah…not probably a good idea to tell your “job” while not noticing that the tape was recording. That’s like a character in a action series telling their enemy about their abilities, even though the reader or watcher want to know what it’s all about, but would lend them a major advantage due to a weak spot being mentioned or founded. There should be a rule on this. Add that to the rule book, unless that is already added, then, bringing this up. Learn from this the next time this would be brought up.


Luckily, Bob ran away and had to fight his way to get the tape to Ron and Hugo while Jack was chasing him, but Jack blocked his path to the van, which leads up to him using the slip-n-slide, which he slide but unable to stop due to most of his body hair waxed off that his body became so soft that he landed through the bushes. Which of course, all hope is not lost when he threw the tape recorder to Hugo, which the tape recorder was dropped and broke into pieces due to Hugo being a bad catcher. And you thought Jack would be let go because the tape recorder was broken with the tape now destroyed? Nope, because the tape still stands. So I guess Jack…*puts on sunglasses*…made a huge miss steak.


Finally got in! Finally got it. Was supposed to do that bit for the last episode, but it hasn’t reached that level, so this week’s episode was the perfect timing for using that bit. Also, I apologize for that bad pun. I was very CLEAVER to bring this up in my head. So I guess the question here after Jack got busted for using horse meat, what will happen to him? Will he be indicted? Will he be put in prison for either number of years or life in prison for selling the illegal meat? Well…


He didn’t. He was let go. Wow, you sold illegal horse meat to restaurants to use to make a profit and now, after getting busted by the health officials, he gets pardoned. I tell you man, this criminal justice system, it’s broken. Needs to be fixed. Anyway, Jack turned a new leaf, that’s good, no more selling horse meat to restaurants to make profit. So what’s next for Jack after stopping selling meat? Writing stories…starting with “Friday Night Meats,” which sounds like Friday Night Lights in what look like in Fanfiction form rather than a script because if that turns into a script, then…oh boy, NBC, the channel that aired the show, is not going to be happy and might end up suing you. But something tells me Jack is willing to take that risk because he already got the story written down. Okay, so you now wanted to become a writer? That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. But of course, the title, the plot…it has to be original. This seems like it’s belong to a Fanfiction site, only to get either negative or in-between reviews for that story. And if NBC ever does find out, it could end up being worse than the horse meat. And this is coming from a guy that has no endorsement but reached over 1,600 followers on Tumblr and over 100 followers on Twitter. Jesus, feels like the world has ended all of a sudden.


And lastly, before heading to the Reaction/Thoughts area, let’s talk about the Pestos being tanned. They did went to The Bahamas, which is weird because Summer Vacation waaaay over with for that tan, thus ending up getting his skin darken. Probably because he forgot to put on or buy some sunscreen, this ending up getting tanned. But what concerns me a little is Andy, Ollie, and Jimmy Jr after vacationing with their dad. They got tanned as well. I know tanning is probably an adult thing, but your children? Are you becoming the next Tanning Mom? Remember her? That woman back in 2012 when got way over tanned, trying to tan her daughter? Well…it feels like Jimmy just let them tan without being concerned. Isn’t that concerning? If you’re a parent and you’re about to take your kid to the beach or the pool or whatever, be on a lookout, put on some sunscreen. Or buy some just in case and don’t be like either the Tanning Mom or Jimmy Pesto. I’m not a parent, but this seems concerning, besides the whole horse meat thing. Man, this week sucks balls.


So anyway, what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Like I said in the beginning, it was a good episode. The sting operation took up most of the episode when Ron and Hugo told the Belchers that they’ve been selling horse meat to their customers and they have the Belchers to catch Jack in order to keep the restaurant, but of course, they failed three times before having a saving grace when they got invited into a birthday party when Jack called Bob on phone. I mean, I really enjoyed the sting operation in this episode, mostly because of Bob failing to get Jack’s confession on tape, or in this case, on live audio. Also to brought up from the review portion, Tina. Of course, like I said at last episode’s review, bringing up the synopsis for this episode, that Tina won’t be happy after what I’m about to say. Hence, this episode, this topic when she was in full on panic mode when she heard that favorite animal became the meat that was accidentally being sold. And thus, ending up calling for revenge, which of course, almost sabotaging the operation. But like I said, Tina isn’t the revenge type. I don’t see any hate flowing through her, even if her favorite animal is now piles and piles of ground beef. Just be thankful that seeing Jimmy Jr about to put on sunscreen distract her from that topic…for a moment until she sees Jimmy Jr about to eat a hot dog, thinking that the meat of hot dog comes from a horse. Yeah, that distraction would’ve work for Tina, you know, getting that mind off on the whole horse meat situation till the job is a success, which would also boost the Tina/JJ shippers self-esteem. But I guess that didn’t happen, even though the job is a success, which led to Jack getting busted, but got pardoned after and decided to become an author instead. I mean, you want to be an author, and that’s okay, I respect that, but the things he wrote, well, the title, I haven’t watched Friday Night Lights, but that does sounds a bit like plagiarism. Pretty sure NBC won’t be happy about that. I mean, if that was in any Fanfiction site, then…there’s no problem. Why do I have a feeling he may or may not come back in future episodes. Of course, the only concern for this episode, the tanning. Yeah, although the whole Pestos being tanned after taking a trip to the Bahamas was unnoticed due to the highlight of the episode, which was the horse meat. I mean, pretty sure Pesto was overtanning himself in between the beginning to near-end of the episode. But bringing in Andy, Ollie, and Jimmy Jr, even though Tina has no problem with Jimmy Jr being tanned, I’m not a parent, but you do know that tanning is dangerous because it can be harmful to your skin. Please, don’t be like them when vacation time comes. I’m looking at you, countries from the Southern Hemisphere now that your Summer is right around the corner. But anyway, it was a good episode, really the sting operation, even though it did took up like almost the duration of the episode, but I do really enjoy Bob trying his best in this operation but fails, three times. Then of course, there’s him escaping by slipping and sliding to the bushes. Thanks waxing. Even though it’s irritating after getting your body hair removed, it does gain speed whenever you’re either on a slide or a slip-n-slide. And of course, feeling sorry for Tina after hearing that her favorite animal has turned into meat…just…don’t tell her that her favorite animal is also used for glue. I know would say something more about this week’s episode, but after this crazy, messed up election just days ago, it’s been a really long week, so I think this is how far I can go. So all and all, I think this episode is a cleaver one in the neigh kind…God help us all for the next four years. I give “They Serve Horses, Don’t They”…


…a 9 out of 10. Like I said, it’s a good episode. Love the part when we have the stakeout/sting operation with Bob trying his best but fails with the volume and the itch and the walkie talkie fallen down and stepped on it. Of course, feel sorry for Tina after hearing that her favorite animal turned into meat, just be glad this situation is finally over with in the end. Just a little reminder that no horses were harmed in the making of this episode. And you might end up calling me a hypocrite because I didn’t sympathize with cows and chickens and pigs, and I’m sorry. But then again, why are you telling me this on a show…about burgers. Yeah…think about that for the next two weeks because we’re having NOT one, but TWO episode, wow, this early in the game, with a normal episode and a Thanksgiving episode with a holiday themed play, home alone mishaps, and a character coming back that we haven’t seen in a while…and no, it’s NOT who I’m referring to, it’s someone else. In the Fifth and Sixth Episodes of the seventh season and the Fifth Thanksgiving themed episode, “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?” and “The Quirkducters,” premiering November 20th. So until then, I’ll see you guys in two weeks. And don’t worry, I will have this review out on time for the next time. It’s been a long week, it’s been a stressful Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. I don’t have to make any political jokes anymore because it’s killing my vibe. I need something heavy to drink, just be thankful there’s no new episode this coming Sunday, so…until then, tell me what you think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers in the comments below and I’ll see you guys later.


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