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I…have no words after seeing what the fuck happened in this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers. I usually begin with an intro with the plot of the episode, in my own words, and say the title of the episode to kick off the review but…this episode…10 out of 10. I’m sorry for being majorly bias by giving it a high rating before talking about the episode from top to bottom, but after watching this week’s episode…I wasn’t freaking jumping for joy since…goddamn, it’s been that long? Anyway, let’s head to the review. This will be my spoilerific review of the Ninth Episode of the Seventh Season and the Fourth Valentine’s Day Themed Episode, titled, “Bob Actually”. Huh? You know, for an episode that rocked the fanbase on Sunday Night, would’ve come up with a better title. Like…I don’t know? “Valentine’s Day in Wagstaff”? Or “About Sunday Night” because…of course, still bringing up the overreaction on the episode. And look at that, the first Bob’s Burgers review under a Trump Presidency.


Yeah…that really killed the mood. I’m sorry for that. But anyway…what a night to be a Bob’s Burgers fan. This is the fourth Valentine’s Day themed episode and…the ending of the episode…holy shit. I was speechless…when the ending happened. I was jumped for joy, I literally jumped for joy, I was freaking happy, when that ending happened. That was supposed to be saved for when the Atlanta Falcons would win the Super Bowl last week, because Atlanta is the city I was born and raised in, but that didn’t happen. So, this week’s episode has taken that and the writers has decided to put to the extreme. I mean, the episode is amazing, the writing’s very good, the music and animation is on point and that was just the tip of the iceberg. But then come between the time of 9:56pm Eastern (8:56pm Central) and 9:59pm Eastern (8:59pm Central) …

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Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, including myself, lost their shit. Everyone got a Valentine’s Day kiss. And I mean EVERY-FUCKING-ONE. Tina and Jimmy Jr, no surprise there, I knew this would bound to happen. Their seventh consecutive kiss in the series, three in one season, a new record, beating out the previous season with two. And…back to back, we got one in the last episode and we got one in this episode. Bob and Linda, of course, no surprise. Speedo Guy, yeah, we got a moment from Speedo Guy. Which, we haven’t spotlighted on since the entire series began. Got a Valentine’s Day kiss. But what really stole the show for me and others…Rudy and Louise. Rudy and Louise, of all people. This was a “shipping earthquake” that rocked the fanbase. It was a surprise. I did not expect that to happen. I can’t believe that fucking happened. But all and all, it was an amazing episode, but I’m not gonna finish off this review because we have to break down all four plots, yes, four. And this isn’t like these types of episodes where the Belcher children made up a story and see whose story is the best one. It’s not like that in this week’s episode. And I guess, since I kept on talk about it around the beginning of this review…Louise’s subplot goes…last. I’m saving it for last. Tina’s goes first. Then Gene. Then Bob. Then Louise.

Tina’s Valentine’s Subplot


Okay, so I begin with Tina’s plot of the episode with her wanting her to enjoy her Valentine’s Day when Jimmy Jr ask her to hang on during the lunch hour. Don’t worry, she did say yes. And you probably thinking that nothing bad is gonna happen, right? Well, if you’re new to this…Todd…is that things will go downhill that will interfere with their “date”. Whether it’s a Jimmy Pesto preventing Jimmy Jr to go to Tina’s party in “Sheesh, Cab Bob” or addicting to caffeine in “The Unnatural” or Louise not hard enough to play third wheel and took over in “Gene It On”, you know this is gonna go downhill, but of course, ends with a moment. So what’s interfering Tina’s chances of being with Jimmy Jr? Well…


Yep, diarrhea. How? Because last night, before Valentine’s Day, Tina ate some mean chili that can really messes up her digestive system enough for her to have the runs. Did I mention, that she ate way too fast like she’s in a chili eating competition. Yeah, so Tina has diarrhea and it’s like whenever she tried to make a move, whether it’s on Jimmy Jr or making actual movements, she headed off to the bathroom to do a number two. So, she doesn’t want her stomachache to get in the way. That could explain why there’s two scenes of her, well, her feet in the stalls, but can only her voice, talking to Louise about Rudy and her reaction to the whole “Oh crap, Rudy’s in love with me” situation. But of course, we’ll save that for another time. By the way, yahoo201027 is NOT sponsored by either Pepto-Bismol or Alka-Seltzer even though indigestion is possibly interfering with Tina’s love life on Valentine’s Day.


Anyway, Tina told everyone at the gym that the reason she ran off earlier and don’t want to jump on the trampoline is because of diarrhea, in which of course Jimmy Jr questions whether or not females have diarrhea. Spoiler alert J-Ju, everyone, including females have diarrhea. So, anyway, looks like things are about to go majorly downhill for Tina when everyone in the room, including Jimmy Jr, is not taking things too seriously when it comes to Tina’s indigestion. So downhill that it took a major nosedive that perfect, it was possibly Olympic medal worthy. But something tells me that Tina is not gonna turn her perfect day into dust despite that diarrhea took center stage on this day of lovers because she has a perfect idea that can resolve both problems, i.e. being with Jimmy Jr and not let diarrhea take over her love life and embarrasses herself, when she was about to go into the storage room and saw a pair of stilts and that’s where we transitioned to next class when Tina ask Jimmy Jr to do a do over while standing and keeping her balance when walking on stilts. And….


Is it me or did Tina learn out to stand on the edge while watching Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show last week? Probably, then again, she might be distracted by that Mr. Clean commercial, envisioning her as the woman and envisioning Mr. Clean as Jimmy Jr. In which spoiler alert, at the end of the commercial, it turns out to be a pretty good plot twist to laugh at. Anyway, a do over is a go and it looks like Tina is bringing not just Jimmy Jr, but apparently, the whole class to the gym to the trampoline. And of course, we got this…


Yep…kiss numero seite for the Tina/Jimmy Jr campaign. Like I said, no surprise there. It pretty much would happen in this week’s episode judging by the images and clips before the episode aired. But holy hell, seven make out moments between the two in the series, eight in my estimate. And look at that, three in one season. Yeah, three! A new record. Beating out the previous record holder with two, and that was last season. And…my question here is…is this a done deal? Is it over before the writers decide to call it? Well…seven make out moments. We have some moments between the two within the series. Still skeptical on that. I know that it probably too early for the Anti-Tina/JJ shippers to raise the white flag just yet. I don’t know how long the series is going to last, but it looks like we’re gonna wait and see. So yeah, Tina and Jimmy made out, via sky kiss. Ending her side of the episode…


With another trip to the toilet. Like I said, I’m NOT sponsored by either Pepto-Bismol or Alka-Seltzer. I say it’s a fine subplot, one of the four. I mean, Tina getting indigestion. And I know what you’re probably saying, she might have butterflies in her stomach. No, Tina is not like that. You thought her indigestion her play a major role in this particular side plot. It did, it did land Tina to the bathroom like multiple times. But of course, that didn’t stop Tina from having a time of her life. And…shit, back to back moments between the two, within two episodes. It almost feels like the writers are really pushing the envelope onto this one, trying to make them go to a one-way ticket to Canon-ville. But like I said, it’s probably too early, or in this case, too close to make an official call on this. But all and all, really enjoyed Tina’s subplot of the episode. And Tina…use some Pepto to get rid of your indigestion. Just a little word of advice here. Okay, done with Tina’s plot and now, we’re entering Gene’s plot.

Gene’s Valentine’s Subplot


And, wow, for a second there, before the episode aired, I thought a few days, or in this case, weeks, thought Gene’s side of the episode would probably going nowhere. But, it seems enjoyable. Just like the Tina’s subplot, it was a fine one as well. Even though it’s questionable before the episode aired on who Gene will be crushing on? And if you think that it’s Courtney…hate to break it to you, that didn’t happen. Although…


Anyone notices that little Easter Egg of Courtney in the classroom? Yeah, that what I noticed. Courtney did NOT play a major role in the subplot like what she did last year when both her and Gene got into the spotlight with the last Valentine’s Day episode. So, anyway, Gene head off from the classroom to the lunchroom to see what’s going on for today’s lunch until he realized someone new is in the lunchroom, making desert for the school. And that where Gene begins to fall heads over heels. Ugh…don’t get me to do another rant over age differences. This is NOT the perfect time for that! But then again, this is Gene. He once fell for a puppet manatee. How is THAT not weird?


Anyway, Gene came back to the kitchen later on and help out the lady who he is crushing on. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that she’s Italian, speaking Italian. Guessing that may have something to do with that? I mean, Italian is one of the five most romantic languages in the world, with Spanish taking the top. So yeah, those two are currently making desert for the lunch rush. And by that, I mean it’s for a gift. And it’s NOT for Gene. It’s for the lunch lady, Isabella’s boyfriend. Yes, boyfriend. Oh god, like I want to imagine an 11-year-old playing homewrecker. That doesn’t sound good to your record. Oh, sweet Jesus, it’s Gravity Falls all over again. Okay, so Gene is upset on hearing the news that Isabella is off the market. But of course, the show must go on and that cake needs to be baked. Isabella think that the cake is tasted bitter, in her opinion. And she decided to use dark chocolate to make the cake better. Dark chocolate…on Valentine’s Day? You had to be a freaking maniac to do so. That’s like you decided to wear your casual clothing to a party that you are invited to a party that fancy clothing is mandatory. Or in this case, mixing Skittles with M&Ms…okay, that’s where I begin to draw the line here.


Hours have passed and Isabella gave Gene the first try of the dark chocolate platter and…holy fucking shit, we got a glimpse of what would’ve happen with Gene’s life. Marrying Isabella. Enjoying their honeymoon. Hell…running a business, in which…


What the shit, man. It’s like Gene’s potential future is taking a jab at the opening sequence of the series. You know, where the business is open, but then shit happened. And then it opens again. And more shit happened. And back and forth, and back and forth. Holy shit. I see you writers. I see you. Anyway, Isabella leaves the kitchen, saying goodbye to Gene as she heads towards her boyfriend and of course, shifting back to the ending where Isabella kissed his boyfriend, Francesco. And as for Gene…


Yep…kissing a spoon with a piece of chocolate still on it. Yes…chocolate. The official One True Pairing. I swear to god, if the upcoming episode “Like Gene for Chocolate” messes what I said up…I would probably make a hole in my bedroom wall with a baseball bat. Once I get a baseball bat. Maybe with barbed wire wrapped around with it and name it “Lucille”. Holy shit, I’m turning to Negan from The Walking Dead. But anyway, just like Tina’s subplot, Gene’s subplot was fine. Although, my favorite in that subplot is that jab to the opening. Yeah, talking about the one with the Re-re-re-reopening of the place. Wow, where the hell does that come from? So anyway, that was Gene’s subplot and now we head to Bob and Linda’s subplot. Mostly because it’s a Valentine’s Day episode. So why the fuck not would you include Bob and Linda.

Bob and Linda’s Valentine’s Subplot


And it’s a subplot within a subplot with Bob trying to impress Linda and Linda, playing love doctor and back to the matchmaking game. It almost reminds me of “My Fuzzy Valentine”, only except for Bob looking for a love testometer, is trying to impress Linda with dancing…hip-hop dancing, courtesy of Teddy, who brought up the idea. Just be thankful it’s not a heart-shaped anything. We don’t want a repeat. And speaking of repeats…


Yep, while Bob and Teddy sign up for dance classes, going all “Step Up” to impress Linda on Valentine’s Day, Linda plays matchmaker for the second time when the that teacher that appeared in both “Midday Run” and “Sexy Dance Healing” came in all sad…oh no, honey, why? What happened? No. You were the positive one of the group. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, that lady came in upset and told Linda that her and her boyfriend broke up and on Valentine’s Day of all days of the year. She wants him, so that means that Linda will now be playing matchmaker, on in this case, playing “Great Re-uniter” to bring these two split lovebirds into one again. #MakeLoveGreatAgain.


As Linda prepares to reunite the couple, Bob and Teddy went to dance studio to take some classes and just like anyone of y’all on the first day of your new classes, prepare to face hell. Mostly because dancing is not that fucking easy. And I never took a dance class. And it looks like Bob might be having a tough time here because…it’s a hip-hop class. Plus…he was challenged by the Instructor’s Son to a dance competition. Which…ended shortly due to the son falling down via chair. So, Bob won by default. So, that means that now class will be in session.


Back to Linda, taking care of the problem with getting the details about what happened when the teacher and her boyfriend broke up. Found out, they been broken for a year. Wow…don’t know I want to call it a “Happy” Anniversary to that. So, thanks for telling that one year fucking late! And also, found out that she has been stalking on her ex-boyfriend to Jimmy Pesto’s. Let that sink it for a sec, guys. They been broken up for a year. She told Linda about what happened on Valentine’s Day. Found out that she hasn’t let go from her relationship that much that she watches her ex-boyfriend’s every movement within the last 365 days. Holy crap, that sounded like an Overly Attached Girlfriend. Sounds like a tsundere to me. Not actually…set around…I don’t know…25-35% at the time. Okay, so with that, it means that she needs to move on. And that leads Linda to play matchmaker once again. To make her happy, so that she won’t be alone at Valentine’s Day. And by that, I mean reuniting the teacher and her ex-boyfriend so we won’t have any problems. Except…


That. Kissing another man before asking to be back together. Yeah, look at that, the ultimate fuck you to your ex-boyfriend. And you could probably thank Linda for that. But at least she moved on, so…there’s some progress. One out of two, that’s…okay. Better than the last time when Sergeant Bosco interfered with the matchmaking process. And of course, back to the ending process and…we have NOT one, but two make-out moments here.


With the first, being Bob and Linda, of course. It’s Valentine’s Day, it’s a Valentine’s Day themed episode. Why would you not include that? They’re the perfect married couple. So not including them would be a travesty. And oh yeah, forgot to mention, the dance to impress Linda.


Man, whatever happened during those hours in dance class must’ve impressed Linda to the extreme when Bob and Teddy perform their hip-hop dance and surprised neither one must’ve broken bone, or in this case, back. I’m not saying that because they’re nowhere near old. They are in their 40s. But not gonna lie, that dance performance, it almost seems it looks like a marriage proposal than a Valentine’s Day gift. But then again, love is love. And you want to treat someone you love special, then…go for it…I’m not good at giving out advice, just being honest here. But all and all, it was an okay subplot. Really like the dance performance that Bob and Teddy did for Linda on Valentine’s Day. Even though the sub-subplot with Linda…it almost seems like a waste of time, don’t you think? But anyway, it was an okay subplot in the Bob department. And that’s three out of the four as we begin to take about the true subplot of the episode that took the fandom by storm. Of course, I’m talking about Rudy and Louise.

Rudy and Louise’s Valentine’s Subplot


Yep, out of everyone here in the Bob’s Burgers fandom when it comes to Valentine’s Day, hard to believe that it would be Louise and Rudy who would be taking the spotlight. And…just be thankful I’m saving this one for last because we’re gonna be here for a while. Okay, so moments after Tina says yes to Jimmy Jr’s offer to hang out during the lunch period, we have Louise and Rudy talking about Valentine’s Day and Zeke sells weeds and…can we talk about this for a moment here? Zeke selling weeds, and NOT marijuana weeds, I mean like weeds that been your yard that been invading and you tried to get rid it of it with a weed whacker or something like that? Out of all the flowers, a rose, a tulip, a violet…hell, a sunflower, weeds from your yard is the least likely gift for Valentine’s Day. Why do I have a feeling that what people gave their loved ones during the Great Depression? Anyway, Rudy…oh my god…so during their conversation, Rudy asked Louise what she’s doing during lunch. And…sweet niblets, guys. You’re probably thinking what you possibly think at that moment when it first shown. Louise responded to Rudy’s question with that she’s not doing anything at the moment and begins questioning Rudy on why would he ask Louise on what she’s doing. And that’s where Rudy begins to play hooky, pretends that this conversation never existed and exit off. Guys…y’all were probably thinking. We all were thinking when Rudy exited out from his conversation with Louise. Does Rudy have a thing with Louise? Well, despite that they’re only nine years old, pretty sure it’s too early…way too early for love to take place. Besides, love takes time. And you’ll never know when the time comes.


Okay, so anyway, we transitioned to Rudy at Zeke’s locker, planning to buy the weeds and told Zeke that he wants to give it to a special someone that been with him for some time…and…during their conversation, Louise was eavesdropping on the conversation and now in shock when she put the two dots together. She thinks that Rudy has a crush on Louise. Cue the thing…


Yeah…that pretty much the fandom after it was revealed, by Louise’s estimates. Rudy falling head over heels for Louise…think about it…Louise is not a fan of the whole relationship concept in her life. Of course, that all changed with Boo Boo in Season 3’s “Boyz 4 Now”. And with Rudy…I mean, this is her friend. She would never imagine that it would come down to this. Hell, none of us imagine this would come down to this and there’s like 41% of the fans who want Louise and Rudy to be together. So anyway, Louise told Tina in the Girls’ bathroom about Rudy’s potential crush on her and Tina told Louise that if she likes Rudy. In which she does, but in a friendly way, and not the other way around. Well…hate to break it to you, chica. But uh…according to Tina, there’s no way you’re gonna stop this from happening. Or to keep it short, sweet, and simple…

But of course, Louise ain’t gonna take it and thinks she can beat it by…friendzoning Rudy. No. Louise, stop right there. You ain’t friendzoning anyone. I know you want to tell Rudy that you like him, but NOT “like-like” him that way without hurting his feelings that might eventually kills him, but trust me…no one wants to be friendzoned. The last thing I need in my list of fandoms is a psychopath who either declares revenge on your crush’s family and go after your family’s house over something strange or declaring war on the whole fucking world, just because your crush fucking died in front of your face. My god, this is 2012-2013 all over again. Go watch the video on how to handle the friendzone status below the text, courtesy of Anime and Manga YouTube Reviewer, Sawyer7mage.

Okay, so Plan A on “Operation: Friendzone” is to show Rudy her boogers. Although I would say it’s a bad thing for a female, but…what do you expect, gender stereotypes are bullshit. But Plan A falls apart like the Berlin Wall in 1989 when Rudy was supposed to get sick but noticed her eyes and her hands and nails. And then he went off happily, saying what I said, saying the gender stereotypes are bullshit and let both boys and girls pick their boogers. Okay, so Plan A doesn’t work. What about Plan B? She could…lock him in the closet? No…that’s bad. Don’t know if Rudy has claustrophobia or allergies? Skip Plan B. Try Plan C. We could try…um…take his inhaler awa…okay, almost sounds like we’re murdering the guy instead of friendzoning him. Man, at this point of time, you kind of wish we have a certain someone that Louise knows to help her out. If you know what I mean? Anyway…


We transitioned to the cafeteria with Louise noticed Rudy walking towards her. And that’s where Louise begins to friendzone Rudy, telling him that he likes him as a friend and before I continue, congratulations Louise on realizing that Valentine’s Day has become commercialized. Thought I was the only who thought of it. Wow, for someone who watches The Weather Channel, she probably also watched some CNN, possibly Anderson Cooper and of course, the “Ridiculist”. Anyway, Louise was about to drop the friendzone hammer on Rudy, until an unexpected turn of events has decided to pop out of nowhere when Rudy told Louise to hand the weed and card to Chloe. Yes…not Louise. Which…hurts Louise’s feelings. First off, sorry for your loss, Louise. Second, who got friendzoned now? Again, sorry for your loss.


Anyway, back to the bathroom with Louise and Tina. Louise is upset about Rudy’s offer to give Louise to give his card and weed to Chloe in her next class and you can totally sense the jealously going on. It’s like Louise…has a…oh my god…


Does Louise like a boy? Well, besides Boo Boo, which…did her crush on Boo Boo ever brought up? Anyway, Louise like Rudy, even though some people in the fandom thinks that she doesn’t want Rudy to get hurt. Rudy falls head over heels over another girl that he been crushing on. Louise gets jealous…where does that reminded me of…?


Oh no…Oh no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOO NOOO NOOOOO!!!!! Don’t…fucking pull that bullshit, writers. Starco shippers already faced crippling depression when that happened. Don’t you dare turn towards the Louise/Rudy shippers. So anyway, we transition to Louise handing Rudy’s card and weed to Chloe in science class, which she did and didn’t read the letter. Which something tells Louise that something ain’t right here. Meaning that things are about to go downhill for Rudy, but Rudy kept on interrupting Louise’s potential warning by telling her that he will be kissing Chloe after school in the playground. He even shows Louise a note…which…really sounds suspicious. And that’s where things are really about to go downhill when confronting Chloe and accusing her of being a “Quiz-digger”. Yes, a “quiz-digger”. It’s like “gold-digger”, but she’s only interested in Rudy’s quiz answer. And Chloe shows her true colors to Louise, talking shit about Rudy. Wow, what a bitch. And not like Tammy-level bitch in the bitch meter, which is set between 6 and 7, I mean super bitch. Breaking the scale. That is some Kellyanne Conway type of bitchiness. And…


Thank you, Louise for protecting and defending Rudy’s honor. I mean, bitch, Louise knew Rudy for a freaking long time, since Season 3. Been on his side. Worries about him. Looking out for him. Better than his parents. Alright, Louise! Bravo! Protecting your friend at this potential time of need. And…holy shit, their relationship…their friendship…it’s at the middle of the spectrum. But it like other shows have two people who are friends for a long time and could be potential soul mat…


Oh shit…


Double shit. It’s gonna happen…oh my god…I…I…don’t know how to say this? I know that there’s some boy/girl relationships remain in the friend territory throughout their lives, but there’s also a territory that a boy and a girl (or boy and boy or girl and girl), that they been in friends for so long that they started to feel something that want them to reach to the next level. And Louise and Rudy…there’s a possible chance that type of relationship could enter that territory once the show is done for. But until then, it enters the neutral side. And that ending…like I said…made me jump for joy and speechless at the same time. It was the end of the day at the playground and Louise told Rudy that Chloe has been using him to get to his quiz, not to mention, talking shit about him. Rudy felt upset about what he heard from Louise and majorly upset because he really wanted that first kiss. But then…this happened…


I…have no words…. when I saw that. I…really want to cry, tears of joy. Rudy got his first kiss. Louise got her first. Everyone lost it. I lost it. Like I said, a “shipping earthquake” has rocked the fandom when that happened. This…that…it was a February Surprise when that happened. And let’s face it, those two…unless Jessica comes back…that’s my ship. I now fucking ship them. And let’s be honest here, you can imagine the Louise/Rudy shippers, while losing their minds when that kiss happened, they were probably thinking, wanting to say to the others, including the Louise/Logan shippers…


But yeah, out of the subplots that we have with the Belchers…of course, has to freaking biased, it’s Louise and Rudy who has taken the episode by storm. And…this…February 12, 2017…a date that will live in the name of holy shit, that just fucking happened. I want to say this before heading towards the Reaction/Thoughts aisle to close out the review…Loren Bouchard, writers…thank you…thank you for this amazing episode. And I don’t want to sound pushy or anything like that…please, give us more moments of that. What we just saw on this past Sunday Night. Give us more of that. But…that’s all I want to say…thank you, magnificent son of bitches.


So, all and all, what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? It was an amazing episode and when it comes to the ranking of which Valentine’s Day episode of the series, this…made the number one spot. Bumping last year’s episode to runner-up status. I mean yeah, Tina and Jimmy Jr getting their seventh kiss, it was no surprise there. Knew that this would happen even before the episode premiered. But goddamn, three in one season, two in back to back episodes…that is something. But all and all in the Tina subplot, it was fine. Same with the Gene one. You probably thinking of Courtney making a reappearance since last year’s Valentine’s Day episode? Well, she didn’t. We got Gene falling head over heels over the lunch worker, Isabella. Making food in the kitchen. Thought that would drive me off, mostly because of the age difference thing. But don’t forget, it’s Gene, he once fell in love with a puppet manatee. Although, really liked the part where the writers decided to took a jab on the opening in Gene’s what could’ve been vision. And of course, Gene and chocolate…official one true pairing, guys. The ultimate OTP. Bob and Linda’s subplot was okay. The Bob side of the story was something, thought it would be dreadful if it weren’t for the dance presentation to Linda for Valentine’s Day. As for Linda, although we haven’t seen her play matchmaker on Valentine’s since Season 3, don’t know if I would consider a waste of time even though she sorta made some progress because she kinda did made that teacher to move on, which she did before, in the teacher’s perspective at least. Of course, that sorta cleanse that off at the end, although I’m feeling a bit sorry for the ex-boyfriend who Linda tried to reunite him and the teacher before making out with another man. And as for the Rudy/Louise subplot…it was beautiful, man. It was freaking beautiful. I mean, no one has expected this. No one. Not even the Spanish Inquisition knew about this and they’re masters of it. And that moment when Louise defended Rudy’s honor to Chloe, who refuses to be his first kiss on Valentine’s Day…this shows that Louise does care about the people she knew and love. Hell…she became Rudy’s first kiss. Which was also Louise’s first. And ended off with a threat to not tell anyone about their first kiss. Um…yeah, Louise, although Rudy has promised not to tell the school…you know you have people who watched the show when that happened already tweeting the ever-living daylight of social media. But all and all, it was an amazing episode. Jesus Christ, Season 7…Season 7…would probably it’s too early to tell, but…best season ever. Hell, it might even be outdoing the previous best season of the series, which is the Third Season. So, the score for this episode…


Like I said in the beginning, 10 out of 10. Even though I want to lower it mostly due to the Gene and the Bob/Linda subplot, but because of Louise and Rudy’s first kiss that made lose my shit…a high 10 is in the books…unless it gets revised. So yeah, it was an amazing episode for the Valentine’s Day holiday. And let’s see how next year’s will play out. And tune this upcoming Sunday, February 19th, when Gayle’s cat, Mr. Business, becomes the star in the media world. But will fame play a major role in the family’s lives? Tune in the Tenth Episode of the Seventh Season, “There’s No Business Like Mr. Business”. So until then, thank you so much for reading this. It has been one wild week for the Bob’s Burgers fandom, a week after the Super Bowl. So tell me what you think about this episode? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Which of the four subplots do you like? Do you think Tina and Jimmy Jr reached canon territory? Do you think Rudy and Louise would be a perfect couple? Tell me what you think in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “Bob’s Burgers Season 7, Episode 9 – A February Surprise. A “Shipping Earthquake” that Rocks the Fandom | yahoo201027’s Bob’s Burgers Reviews.

  1. Sara M.

    When ‘Louise’ kissed ‘Rudy’ on the lips I was jumping up and down in my bedroom happily shouting out “YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!” =D


    • YEAASSSS S7E9 of Bob’s Burgers was THE BEST ONE EVER!!!!! I hope we can get an episode or two (or… three… ) in the next season that focuses on Rudy and Louise’s relationship!!
      Great article+review by the way!!! Totally worth a read 🙂

  2. Bill K.

    I loved this episode! Maybe in part because my birthday falls during Valentine’s Day week (the 15th). And the icing on the cake is the shoegaze-influenced pop perfection of “Sky Kiss” during the rolling of the end-credits! If that song were available for download, I would do it in a heartbeat! 🙂

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