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In this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, in a what looked like a desperate way to hang out with Tina, Linda volunteers to chaperone Tina’s weekend to a seminar, but when Tina begins to hang out with the new girl, this might put Linda’s opportunity into jeopardy. All while Bob watches both Gene and Louise in what I would answer the plot synopsis about this, a very bad sign. In my spoilerific review of the Thirteenth Episode of the Seventh Season, titled, “The Grand Mama-pest Hotel”.

Not gonna lie, but after three episodes that landed itself into the “B” territory when it comes to grading these episodes, this week’s episode has finally broken that very streak because it was a good episode to enjoy. And both sides of the aisle are really, really enjoyable. The A-plot was something alright with Linda trying to have a perfect weekend to around with Tina when she has chaperoned her heroine seminar. Trying her best to bond, only to end up embarrassing her and have her and Tina’s relationship strained. And of course, the B-plot was fine too. And I kind of loving the idea of having the B-plot playing interference with the A-plot and tells the watcher that B-plot is still going on, it just it has to be referenced all throughout the episode. All while helping Linda sneaking into the seminar and apologies to Tina. Yeah, don’t know if you want THAT to consider this your Spring Break, but for Gene and Louise, the perfect weekend to spend time with Bob while Linda and Tina go out of town. So yeah, that’s enough of that, so let’s get to the review.


Okay, so it’s an all-girl weekend for Tina and Linda when she was chosen to volunteer Tina’s weekend to a heroine conference outside of town. And…beginning to question why Linda is doing this. Why is she volunteering? Yeah…something tells me the school is really getting desperate when it comes to parents volunteering. But, you know that’s not the case. She really wants to hang out with her oldest daughter in a weekend out of town, despite that Tina has to go because it’s a field trip out of town to the hotel where the seminar is being held with a special guest visiting it to do a presentation, or in this case, the Bob’s Burgers equivalent of a Ted Talk, and of course, Tina submitted one of the questions that will be asked during the Q&A. So, it looks like both Linda and Tina have nothing else to lose and head off. Leaving Bob with Gene and Louise for an entire weekend. Yeah…good luck with that Bob. Although, the last time you left Gene and Louise behind by themselves, they were threatened by Logan after an accidental cantaloupe drop. Although, you were high along with Linda over at the accountant’s office…so…yeah. But that was in the past. We’re talking about this episode.


And we continue this A-plot from the house to the bus where Linda responded to Tammy’s question to Tina on who will she be sharing a room with during the weekend trip that it’s gonna be her, mother and daughter sharing a room. And then we get to the hotel with the girls entering the main lobby, guessing they are not the only ones who will be attending the seminar because there’s countless others from different schools. But of course, that’s not gonna stop Linda from being around Tina all throughout the weekend, right? Yeah, if you thought I was gonna do that thing where I think that nothing would go horribly wrong after ending the sentence with the word “right” multiple times, creating speculation…honey, I ain’t gonna do that shit this time around. Anyway, Linda was supposed to bunk with Tina once she begins to check her and Tina in but apparently, things are about to go south from here because while Linda is checking herself and Tina in…


Yep, Tina met a purple haired girl with eye shadow named Dillon. Who is also here for the seminar and also here with her mom. And I know what you’re probably saying right now, why am I thinking this is a bad thing? I’m not. This is courtesy of Linda’s perspective. Anyway, Tina and Dillion talked while their mothers checked themselves in and lo and behold, the two became friends. Which is good because Tina finally made a friend…who doesn’t treat her like crap. But of course, when Dillon’s mother told Linda that “enjoy it while you last” because Tina’s 13 years old, Dillion’s 13 years old as well, you’re probably at that age where the child is now a teenager and well…they don’t want to be around with their parent(s) alongside them. Tell that to Dillon and her mom, in which her mom describes her actions. Dillon allowed her mother talk to her, but of course, Dillion don’t want to be around with most of the time. But of course, Linda doesn’t believe that and thinks that what happened to Dillon and her mother won’t happen to Linda and Tina. Well…that’s where things began to fall apart when Tina asked Linda that she will be bunking with Dillon instead of her. Now, Linda felt threaten. Dillon became the “spoiler”, in Linda’s point of view. Stealing Tina away from Linda from having a perfect all-girl weekend.

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Yep, Linda has gone all out desperate mode when Tina decided to share a room with Dillon rather than being with her and of course, heeding the potential warning from Dillon’s mother, Amy, saying that Tina might drive Linda away from her life. Huh, that almost sounds like your typical developments of empty nest syndrome. And besides, this isn’t Linda’s first rodeo when it comes to trying to get one of her children’s attention. Remember in “Mother Daughter Laser Razor” when she tried to get Louise’s attention, well, in this case, trying to get Louise to like her because she (Louise) prefers Bob over her (Linda)? Yeah, well instead of dragging Tina to an all-day nurture seminar, she decided to rebel Frond’s rules for the trip and take both Tina and Dillon out of their room and sneak around and decided to play around. And decided to pull a “prank”. Yeah, why the quotation marks on the word “prank”, like I mentioned again? Well, mostly when it comes to the first time when Linda decided to take the leftovers that was on the floor on attendance. And well, that’s not consider a prank. It’s not. I don’t know if you want to call it stealing? Think about it? Is this the best you can come up with when performing a senior prank? But then again, putting up multiple cups of water across the hallway, that seems a bit dumb. So anyway, Tina and Dillon are beginning to lose interest on what Linda is up to and were about to head back to their rooms until Linda decides to pull out her trump card and do the ultimate prank, which is of course…


Dropping bottles and bottles of travel sized shampoos into the fountain. Yeah, good plan. Good idea to use the shampoos to get your daughter and her friend’s attention. Best plan of 2017. Better than the GOP’s version of their proposed healthcare that might soon replace Obamacare. Ooh…too soon? Anyway, Linda’s time for fun has been cut short when she, Tina, and Dillon were caught by the hotel manager after noticing Linda dropping multiple shampoo bottles and of course, the shampoo reacting to the water of the fountain, causing bubbles to form out of the fountain. Leaving stains to the floor. Cue the Moseby memes! Anyone here remember “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”? Remember Mr. Moseby? Yeah, kinda like that. Huh, what did happen to Phill Lewis after Suite Life ended? And then moments later, Mr. Frond has caught the three for breaking the rules that was set for the trip. Which is funny because Dillon doesn’t even go to Wagstaff. And yet, she gets into trouble along with Tina and Linda. And that’s where of course, lo and behold, the B-plot gets interrupted when Linda called Bob to pick either one of the two up. And before we get to we’ll found out who, which could be in the “we kind of all knew” category, let’s talk about the B-plot before heading back to the main storyline.


Second time in this review that we break away from the A-plot to the B-plot and back to the A-plot. And if you’re new to this blog page or followed me on various social media accounts, the first time I did this is back in 2015 with “The Millie-churian Candidate” when I cut from the A-plot with Louise running for office to prevent Millie from winning, which congratulations, we just elected a candidate who is like the male equivalent of her, to Bob enjoying his new knife…for a while. I still miss that knife. Mostly missing his banjo even more. Anyway, to the B-plot, when Tina and Linda went off to the seminar with the school for the weekend, Bob gets to stay over and watch both Gene and Louise for the weekend. Okay, to not be bored during the weekend, Bob decided to watch a movie with the two kids. So technically, to Netflix and Chi…okay, waaaayyyyy major wrong use of words here to describe a movie night. Besides, that term was tainted around 2015 into 2016. It was originally defined as the time of day where you enjoy watching any film over at Netflix. Until one day when some sicko decided to taint the term and you didn’t even know what the hell just happened. It’s like when you were about to eat cereal and once you took a first bite, after pouring in the cereal, then milk, into the bowl, you noticed that the milk tasted a little different. And just found out the milk you poured into that bowl is lactose free. Oh, the unimaginable horror. Anyway, Louise and Gene decided to dump the weekend at the stay-in movie night into a what they described it, a “Dad-chelor” party. Reason why because Linda ain’t here, and Bob is playing single parent for the weekend. Meaning that Louise and Gene had to come up with an event as an alternative for the weekend with Bob. What could possibly go wrong? Said the plot synopsis for this very episode.


Well, they treat it like a normal bachelor party. You have the guy who is the guest of honor and we have a group of people, mostly in a particular bachelor party, well we got two boys and a Louise. Yes, I calling Bob a boy rather than a man, just play along. Pouring apple juice and drinking it as a toast to the groom to be. Even though Bob and Linda are already married. But hey, what the worst that could happen? Well…let’s just say…


How college kids do during their Spring Break. Since of course, it is that time of year when college kids got out from taking midterms and head off to party for the week. And well, the image above this very text you’re reading explains all of that where you Gene partying, getting drunk on apple juice, and having his underwear on his head, all while Teddy is enjoying the dance at the moment, oh yeah, by the way, Teddy was invited. Just to get that out there. And of course, Louise playing around with the family stereo system like it’s a freaking DJ mixer. Leaving Bob of course, not interested, mostly because of he’s either regretting the idea of having a “dad-chelor” party or think that the “party” has gone to a wrong direction. But of course, that’s where we head back to the A-plot with Bob getting a phone call from Linda to go the hotel they were staying, i.e. WERE, because one of them is getting the boot. And that’s where the B-plot gets merged into one with the A-plot when Bob, Louise, and Gene arrived at the hotel and ready to pick up the poor son of a bitch. Who’s getting the boot? Who’s getting fired? Who is the Weakest Link? It’s Linda.


Linda’s getting the boot. In a surprising twist of events, the adult ends up getting the boot. Even after trying to impress Tina after Dillon “stole” her away. And well, the person who is freaking pissed at the moment right now is Tina. For embarrassing her. Remember Amy’s warning to Linda? “Enjoy it while you last”? Well…Linda did not heed the warning and just freaking winged it. And how did that end? Tina being mad at Linda and told to leave her from her sight for good. Just like any Progressives, including myself, warned the Democratic Party to not choose the wrong candidate, i.e. the candidate who has a potential zero chance of winning. And what did they do? They picked the wrong candidate. And how did that end? Losing the Presidency, the Senate, the House, the State Legislators, hell…even the Supreme Court. Just because you didn’t heed our warning. I like to apologize for that little rant that made me go political again. Just wait till the next episode, it’s gonna be mad ugly enough to get me my first controversy. Anyway, as Linda begins to leave the hotel, or in this case, being banned from coming back to the hotel, she heard the news from Mr. Frond that Tina’s question got picked for the upcoming Q&A session. And Linda want to be happy for Tina, but of course, Tina’s mad at Linda for embarrassing her in front of Dillon. Thus, her and the rest of the Belchers head out to the car and would end up going home but of course, because it’s a two-hour drive and it’s already the overnight hours, so they decided to stay over at a motel for the night. And which motel did they stay?


Don’t look at me, I was NOT sponsored by them, even though I have never even checked in to a Motel 6. Yeah, gotta let that one slide. So anyway, they checked in and of course, Linda is depressed because she lost her chances of being with Tina all weekend long. And because of what she did, trying to impress Tina on becoming the cool mom, wanted her to be with her rather than being with Dillon, that made Tina peeved off and of course, not only got her banned but lost her eldest daughter. Don’t forget, Tina is at that age where she doesn’t need a parent to be around with. Wanted to be independent. Teenagers being teenagers. Okay, so while Linda lie down on bed, feeling depressed, of course, the B-plot train has continued on, i.e. left the station again, when Louise and Gene decides to party again. And the result this time…they partied till they sleep. And I gotta love this screencap…


Of Bob getting written on, with his face being vandalized like in the original Pokemon anime whenever Jigglypuff use sing, it put it’s target to sleep. And when that happened, it got pissed and decided to vandalize their faces. Yeah, I say “it” because Pokemon can be either a male or a female. Oh wow, it’s been a really long time. So anyway, while Bob, Louise, and Gene fell asleep, Linda has a dream of her and Tina from Tina as an infant to her at current age where Tina jumped off from Linda’s arms and ran away with Linda tried to catch her but fell into the depths of no return where we have Amy with scissors, kept talking on. Wanted her to join to do some mom stuff. And that’s where Linda began to wake up the horror that she had endure during the night as a new day has arrived. And now had decided to apologize to Tina by crashing into the seminar. Except for one problem, she’s banned from entering because of her fucking around with the fountain. And that’s where idea of her sneaking in in disguise comes in and…


Yeah…I don’t know what’s even the purpose for? Apologizing to Tina or going to an either a NASCAR event or a Trump rally? Anyway…okay…to anyone who did not know about this, and I apologize for not bringing this up, but Bob’s Burgers is having a wall calendar incoming for 2018, even though we’re in the third month for the year 2017, and…this is one of the screencaps that appeared in the back of the calendar, along with that screencap from the last episode where Bob and Teddy make their grand, yet disappointed way to escape. If you don’t have any idea what the hell I’m talking about? Go to my Tumblr page and search “Merchandise” to find what I’m talking about in this review. So anyway…


Linda sneaked into the hotel and follows Tina, without getting caught of course. But it looks like things are about getting even more difficult. Talk about a walk in the park. So, she decided to use something to get Tina’s attention without getting caught. And by something, I mean “someone”, as in the guest of honor who will be speaking at the seminar, Bernadette Baker. Which of course, she snuck into her room as she was getting prepared and…


About to murder Linda in self-defense. Okay, you got a little frighten by Linda, but…you don’t have to murder her. I mean, the last time used self-defense, yeah, she felt really messed up and disrupt her fusion training that we have to go to song, that uh…almost made me shed a tear. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about? Why are you here? Oh yeah, my thoughts and opinions on this very episode. Anyway, Linda told Bernadette, in a really desperate way, that by the time it’s Tina’s turn to question her, she wants Bernadette to answer her question on who inspired her to go into Space and want her to say “my mother”. So, in this case, lie. Is this what you’re saying? Not keeping a 100? Of course, Bernadette responded like sh…and she’s talking sarcastically. Like she doesn’t even give a fuck on what Linda want her to do. Yeah…just gonna leave that there as she prepares to speak on stage. And by the time we skipped through her seminar, by the end of it, which looks like the Bob’s Burgers equivalent of a Ted Talk. And thus, we get to the Q&A session. And of course, Bernadette questions everyone’s question but of course, the show runs in a 30-minute time slot, and this is near-end part of the episode…so…


Yeah, I had to bring this one back. But that does sound like what’s going on in this Q&A session, mostly because it began with questions from the background characters. And then, here comes Tina’s question. In which of course, Linda was hoping for Bernadette to respond in her own words but instead Bernadette chose her middle school science teacher over her mother, what Linda was hoping for Bernadette to say but of course, she did not follow through. Yeah, she did talk sarcastically when talking to Linda, so you kinda know that your request is going to be denied. But, it looks like Linda ain’t out of the picture just yet.


She hijacks the Q&A to tell everyone in attendance that she fucked up her relationship with Tina and tried to get her forgiveness. However, Tina won’t stand for this, still mad at Linda and decided to go all out savage on her. Okay, Tina…Tina…T, can I call you “T”? Look, I like you. You’re my favorite character and all, but…now isn’t the time or the place for you to go full on savage mode against your mother. Okay, yes, you got caught because of her actions. Yes, did she did fuck up your relationship with her. And yes, she did embarrass you in front of Dillon, but can we please forgive and forget this whole thing from ever happened. Or being brought up again if I ever do a character discussion or analysis or whatever in the possible future, just saying. Also, if April the Giraffe, that pregnant giraffe that became an Internet sensation, does give birth, in which she will, please don’t let her suffer through the same thing once the soon-to-be baby giraffe is going through once he or she, I think it’s a she? I don’t know why people are interested for a giraffe about to give birth? Reached teenage age. Although, I don’t know how the aging process work for giraffes?


That’s technically the lifespan, but…okay. Anyway, Tina and Linda are going back and forth with Linda being apologetic and Tina being mad at her, treating her like what Trump would say, a “bad hombre”, or in this case, a “nasty woman”. Oh god, imagine Tina saying that. It ain’t gonna end well. But of course, Tina’s position on Linda begins to take a massive shift back from hate to love when Linda, about to exit stage left by the manager after Frond noticed that Linda sneaked into the seminar after getting kicked out, felt bad about throwing Linda under the bus. And of course, what she did to drove Linda away from her, you know, kinda wish that she wouldn’t done that and made a huge mistake and that’s where both her and Linda head to the center of the room and hug it out as. Just in time for Linda to be dragged out of the room. And it was a nice moment between the two. And I enjoyed it. Tina finally forgive Linda for the stunt she pulled that almost looks like empty nest syndrome is about to knock on Linda’s door. Well…in the words of Dillon’s mom, Amy, “enjoy it while it last” because by the time Tina becomes a Senior in high school and graduate…


I’m not a psychologist or a parenting expert, mostly because I’m current taking psychology this semester, and I’m not a parent, mostly because I’m still single, Linda, the empty nest syndrome will be waiting by your doorstep…four years from now. But anyway, it was good episode, and we ended off with the Belchers leaving the seminar, and with Louise and Gene dragging Bob out, and of course, the party continues off-screen…or in the credits.


So what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? I think it’s a pretty good episode. After three episodes that ended off, being placed in the grading scale of a “B” following the Valentine’s Day episode, that streak has finally put into a close with this week’s episode. For a second there, I thought it’s gonna a Tina-centric episode, one of the three because the upcoming episode, or in this case, episodes, because the next two airs on the same day this upcoming weekend. But no, it’s definitely a Linda-centric episode. Mostly on her trying to hang out with Tina for the weekend, thought everything is going well…until Dillon came into the picture and the topic of “empty nest syndrome” came into play when Amy said to Linda that “enjoy it while you last” because Tina’s 13, Dillon’s 13, they’re at this certain age where your kids are no longer kids, but teenagers and trying to push themselves to independence. But of course, Linda did not heed the warning and fucked up her relationship, thus not only getting banned from the hotel but losing Tina and got her mad. I mean, it’s not her fault that empty nest syndrome came into play, but you can’t like do something drastic that could end up resulting with a relationship being strained. But of course, she did her best to apologize to Tina and thus, in the end of the episode, she apologized to Linda for being mad at her for not only getting caught, but embarrassing her in front of Dillon. Speaking of Dillon, she was just there, don’t know if there’s any chance of her coming back in the distant future because she is Tina’s new friend, or in this case, a friend that doesn’t treat her like crap. Or threatening to tell your potential crush on your freaky friend fiction unless you do something the person who is threatening you what she wants. Yeah. Gotta put that out there. It was a good A-plot and a pretty good B-plot as well following the disappointed, cut-out ending within the last episode, of course, it has to be merged into the A-plot and has to be referenced like multiple times during the Linda/Tina crisis. And I really enjoyed that little scene of Louise, Gene, and Teddy partying while Bob was sitting there, probably thinking of himself, “Oh god, what did I agree to?” And of course, Gene being “drunk” on apple juice…which…yeah, somebody need to take the apple juice away from the kid. That pretty much sums up Spring Break. That really pretty much sums up partying during Spring Break. But yeah, it was a pretty good episode to watch. Really enjoyed both plots of the episode. And of course, liked the ending of Tina and Linda making up and settled their differences. Just as Linda was about to exit stage left by the manager of the hotel. So all and all, it’s mommy dearest at its finest. Well…define “finest” because she did fuck up her relationship, but of course, it got settled and ended it with an apology. So yeah…I’ll give “The Grand Mama-pest Hotel”…


A 9 out of 10. Like I said, after three episodes that got a grade of a “B”, this episode finally broke the streak. It was a pretty good episode. Both plots of the episode were enjoyable to watch. And of course, finally got that whole mess with Linda and Tina settled with. But that’s it for this episode because this upcoming Sunday, we have two episodes to air in one day, and it all spotlighted on Tina. Huh, thought it would fall on the Third Sunday in March, mostly because the two episodes that aired in both 2013 and 2014 aired on that Sunday and it’s a Tina-centric one? But anyway, tune in on March 26th for the double episodes of the series to close off the Month of March, the Fourteenth and Fifteenth episode of the Seventh Season, “Aquaticism” and “Ain’t Miss Debatin’”. So until tell me what you think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you feel sorry for Linda after Tina threw her under the bus? Do you think Gene has way too much apple juice? Any upcoming prediction/speculation for those two episodes? Tell me what you think in the comments below and I’ll see you guys later.

*** Disclaimer: Bob’s Burgers belongs to Loren Bouchard and Jim Dauterive, 20th Century FOX, Bento Box Entertainment, Wilo Productions, and Buck & Millie Productions. Please Support the Official Release! ***


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