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It’s Fall, y’all. Meaning that of course, new Bob’s Burgers episode. Season Number Eight has finally arrived after a 3-4 month break since “Into the Mild” premiered and that was back in freaking June in all months. But yeah, the series is back with a new season and it began with an episode that was fan drawn by the fans. All thanks to the fans who partake in the contest back in March. You know, the one that was shorted lived and didn’t allow international viewers to summit their work. Yeah…that. Anyway, in this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, the Belchers are adding a new food rush into the menu as they prepare to add the brunch rush to raise some money, and of course, competing with Jimmy Pesto. Just as Louise, Gene, and Tina hid Felix around the restaurant as Mr. Fischoeder looks for him in what looked like a game of hide and seek in my spoilerific review of “Brunchsquatch”.

Okay, a lot of people are wandering what happened to the reviews from the last season from midseason to end. Well, to put it short to hope y’all can understand, it’s been a chaotic few months for yours truly between class and work on this very blog. Graphic after graphic. Not to mention, gotta go to visit Georgia, nothing serious, just need to take a vacation and just. And of course, gotten sick over the Summer. My throat was not feeling well. I don’t know how that happened. But as of now, I’m feeling fine…for now. So no worries. And most recently, my computer was not feeling okay. But it’s okay now. For now. My god, with one person who has a blog that is beginning to expand after it was created for five years, this is getting difficult. Could be on the verge on finding some help. But um, oh yeah, and Hurricane Harvey, but it didn’t strike my side of the town. So for now, let’s talk about the episode.

This episode was…okay. Because although the plot was all about with either Bob and Linda putting up a brunch rush like we’re serving people who just left Church on a Sunday Morning but with some alcohol in the mix or Felix in total hiding and trying to be the “hide and seek champion” by hiding in the Belcher residence with Louise, Tina, and Gene’s help in order to get a dog, the main focus of the episode was the art style. Every different art style in the duration of the episode. I’m talking from bobble heads with what looked like their hands look similar from The Powerpuff Girls or yarn-mation? Yeah, that one scene when Louise is sneaking Felix into the restaurant from the alleyway at night does look like it was made by yarn rather than…clay? Fabric? It’s like something you see for a class project in a college art class. To even…


Anime. Bob’s Burgers in Anime Style. Huh, feels like the closest thing to get Anime to become mainstream here in the States. But yeah, that was the big talk of the episode, even before the episode aired as we were counting down to this very season. And let’s face it, for yours truly, this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to episodes where a guest animator(s) do the episode. Did it with Adventure Time with a few episodes with the recent being the Season 7 episode “Bad Jubies” back in 2016. Or with Steven Universe with “Mindful Education.” Or even in The Legend of Korra even though that wasn’t even guest animation, more like preferring Mir over Pierrot mostly because of…


Yeah. We fans can get really pushy when it comes to the animation. But last I check, I’m no art critic…unless you read either my “Bad Jubies” or “Food Chain” review where I think that the animators are high on cocaine.

cocaine's a hell of a drug

Oh…cocaine abuse is never funny. I’m sorry guys. That was before the PC Culture come into play. Yeesh, at least take a joke for once. Anyway, I’m not here judging the art style like what I said in those two reviews that I mentioned, I will only talk about the plot and the plot only. So I apologize to the people who submitted their work hoping for everyone, including me…or not…to talk about their work. Let’s save that if you want to bring that to DeviantArt. So for now, let’s get to the episode.


And we’re talking food, mostly brunch. The combination of both breakfast and lunch. But that’s more of a headliner in the episode as of course, the main focus when it comes to the kids is them wanting a dog. In which Bob and Linda told the kids no on that topic. Mostly because taking care of a dog is a lot of work and as long as we’re talking about pets…what did ever happen to Louise’s fish that she got on Christmas back in 2015 even though she was hoping for a shark? My god, it’s been two freaking years since that fish made that debut and we haven’t seen it since. It’s like with Jessica when she first appeared since Season 4 and never been heard of since. That much so, we have to issue a missing fish report…


Yeah, that fish needs to come back or at least give the status of how the fish is doing. Because as of this hour, that’s their pet and if we found out that Louise didn’t take care of it or maybe an accident or hell, maybe, didn’t think about in Season 6’s “The Cook, The Steve, The Gayle, and Her Lover”, maybe Zander stole it. Oh my glob, they should give a status report. And speaking of dogs, if the kids wanted a dog, they should go the pet shop that was mentioned in “Eat, Spray, Linda” where Louise and Linda used to visit. Speaking of which…


Colonel Fluffers, where you at though? But anyway, as the episode progresses, the kids will stop at nothing till they get Bob and Linda to finally enter the agreement zone and that’s where the B-plot may kick in later on when hiding a certain someone. But for now, we remain with the A-plot into the later hours of the day when the Belchers noticed a long line over at Jimmy Pesto’s as they prepare to open the restaurant. Only to found out that the Pestos are serving brunch. Yes, brunch. Funny because the show airs on Sunday and it’s the only day of the week you’ll get that. Possibly after leaving church. And of course, if Jimmy Pesto does it. That means the Belchers decided to step into the ring. Which is good for the Belchers because for Bob, he wants to show off his breakfast skills like what he served to the family in the beginning of the episode, not to mention, Linda wanting to serve the customers mimosas. Yep, mimosas. And alcohol based orange juice served in a champagne glass. Which technically, not a safe drink for kids who might accidentally mistake it as orange juice. And of course, the kids have to step in, mostly because Bob told them to help them out. And of course, kept bringing up the idea of having a dog because with them making money, that would be the perfect opportunity of buying a dog. Of course, Bob and Linda still refuse to let the kids have the dog. And that’s where the B-plot would interfere…


When Mr. Fischoeder arrives to the restaurant. Not asking the Belchers for paying rent or doing something crazy and possibly illegal, but instead, he asked them for the whereabouts of Felix. Yep, Felix is missing. Oh the humanity. Anyways, when the plot synopsis of the episode came out weeks ago, thinking of what the B-plot is gonna be about, I thought Felix was in hiding because of something that made Mr. Fischoeder really pissed off and thinking of myself saying, “Felix, What Did You Do?!” But it’s not like that cause instead of that, they’re playing a long running game of hide and seek. Yes, I said long running because according to Mr. Fischoeder, it’s been days since his birthday, ironic that the episode aired on October 1, and October 1 is of course Felix’s Voice Actor, Zach Galfianakis’ Birthday. The Belchers don’t even know where Felix might be hiding. That is of course till when Bob told Louise to take out the trash to the dumpster behind the restaurant, she spotted Felix hiding over there…


Hiding behind the piles of trash. And that’s where Louise begins to take part in the whole “Hide Felix so Calvin won’t find him” fiasco for of course, money to buy a dog. And that’s how the B-plot has truly begun once Louise agree to keep Felix from being found for a cash prize. Of course, Mr. Fischoeder now begins to feel suspicious when Louise entered back to the restaurant from the back and Bob noticed that Louise haven’t took the trash out. Meaning of course, Fischoeder now suspected that Felix might be hiding where Louise just left moments ago. But of course, when Fischoeder picked up the trash bags in the alleyway, he noticed that Felix is not there. Meaning of course, he founded a new place to hide. And now, Mr. Fischoeder is accusing Louise of colluding with Felix. Yes, possible collusion of hiding your brother from being found. Aw yes, let’s blame a 9-year-old who wanted a dog for the family but the mom and dad refused to let her have it so she had to hide the landlord’s brother in a now complicated game of hide and seek. Like that would be the possibly. Even though Louise did make a deal with Felix on hiding him. And all this time when Fischoeder was looking for Felix in the alleyway…


He was hiding up there. Up over the door while nobody was looking. Yeah, put that in there. You have your brother being suspicious about where you at? And the perfect hiding place that you can find is over the door, holding on to the lantern. Eh…I…uh…


Yeah…good hiding place there, Felix. 10/10 would’ve been a good score from IGN. But last I checked, IGN don’t do hide and seek. So there’s that. Anyway, flash forward to the night once Bob and Linda left to the store for prepping things up for the brunch rush with Louise taking Felix in to the basement. Mostly because there’s no way she don’t want to waste the money while of course, bad thing could possibly happen during the night. Whether it’s what? Raccoons? Ants? Cockroaches? A random drunk guy coming in and mistake the dumpster as a urinal? Okay, I’m stating the bad things that would happen in an alleyway. Note to self, never go to an alleyway. Louise let Felix in and now got both Tina and Gene involved and of course lay out the deal that if Fischoeder failed to find Felix before the game is called, then the kids will get the money to buy a dog. But if he loses and get caught by Fischoeder, then tough shit. So I guess it’s all or nothing for the kids to hide Felix without Bob or Linda finding out and reporting it to Fischoeder. Which maybe, could be a challenging task to handle once the day is done tomorrow. So it looks like Felix is sleeping in the basement…and by that, I mean in the freezer so anyone wouldn’t find out. And not hoping to freeze Felix to death. Yeah, cause that’s the last thing the Belcher children need is Felix suffering with hyperthermia. So the kids had to still keep Felix in the freezer as Louise gets the box of tomatoes out of there as the Belchers prepare for the brunch rush. And of course, it ain’t a brunch rush without of course, serving tables like something you see from either an IHOP or a Waffle House. I think it’s IHOP? I don’t think Waffle House does that? But that’s not the point. The point is that the Belchers are all set and go for the upcoming brunch rush but not until they one more thing in the table and I guess if you haven’t seen the screencaps that was promoting the episode or a promo of that…


Yep, Brunchsquatch. Yep, like it said it in the episode title. So Gene is back as Beefsquatch, which we haven’t seen since…Season 7 with “Paraders of the Lost Float.” 4-5 months since that happen. And you’re probably thinking because of the episode title, you thought it’s possibly gonna be a potential repeat of the Season 2 episode of the same name as Gene’s persona. Guess what, it didn’t. But instead, it’s Gene taking the background aisle as he tries to get people’s attention to get some customers to try out the brunch being served in the restaurant. And well, the people did come. And something tells me if Gene’s thing work or not…I think it did. Anyway, the Belchers now have a full house. Meaning that hey guess what? The Brunch idea is working well. But knowing Bob’s Burgers all too well when it comes to episodes…it’s about to go downhill. By that, I mean…you guys know what’s Murphy’s Law is, right? And I’m not stating that the Belchers have that. It’s that whenever good things are happening in the duration of the episode, something or someone is gonna knock the whole thing down. Like a wrecking ball being detached by accident and wrecked the nearby house where luckily no one lives there. Seriously, and this was a trope since the very beginning. Anyway, among the people who visited the restaurant for the brunch rush…


We were introduced to a guy who happened to be a blogger who talks about brunch. Cause why not. The world has a lot of people who have blogs that talk about food. Yes, we get it FoodTraveler9099, you really love your trip to Spain, but you don’t have show off that steak covered in sauce or some shit. Man, I should really travel outside of the US. Anyway, the two interacted about brunch and it looks like the two are really having a good interaction but you thought by now, the food would be cooked and ready to go. But instead, we have Bob talking to his eggs. Talk about a throwback with Bob talking to food and not sounds like a crazy person. You’re first episode in for Season 8 and already, we’re talking throwbacks. It’s like Season 8 wants to be the new Season 5. But anyway, everything’s going well. The brunch rush is going fine. Bob and Linda didn’t even notice that Felix is hiding in the freezer. So I guess everything’s fine…until Mr. Fischoeder comes into the now crowded restaurant and questions Louise about the whereabouts of Felix. That and of course, wanted to try out the brunch stuff himself.


Now, as you remember earlier in the episode, well, later on in the episode where Mr. Fischoeder accuses Louise of possible collusion with Felix to hide him even though yeah, Louise did hide him but she swore, with the help of cash from Felix in hopes to buy a dog for the family, so that’s why she had to keep in secrecy until the game is finished. But it looks like Fischoeder ain’t having that. So technically, the conversation, or in this case, argument, is more of a he says, she says type of conversation turned argument. So that means of course a change of plan needs to come underway. But while that is going on, we shifted back to Linda where the blogger noticed a little flaw going on in the brunch program when he mentioned that the food isn’t served yet. You can thank Bob for talking to the eggs. And of course, he now mentions that there’s a MPPM problem. Now, I don’t know how the business world works. Mostly because this blog isn’t even a business. I prefer the word, “networking.” Or in this case, it’s like creating a YouTube video, without the filming because reading is important. So technically, you’re reading a rough draft turned finalized version. So MPPM, stands for Meal Per Person Minimum. Or to put in shorter terms so the writers don’t want to lose viewership on not knowing what that term means? The blogger states that the customers only came to the restaurant of the mimosa. Not to mention, that the mimosa is NOT watered down. So technically what’s he stating is that the brunch hour that the Belchers created for the restaurant has turned into a morning happy hour. Getting drunk in the morning. Like late night drinking isn’t the only problem anymore. My god, the DOT might need a commercial to warn drivers not to drink mimosas in the morning. Think of the children who are heading off to school?! But yeah, people only came in for the mimosas, bad call, Linda. So Linda now had to think of a way to get the people away from the mimosas, but at the same as that is happening, Mr. Fischoeder decided to head down to the freezer to find Felix. How does he know that Felix is hiding in the freezer…I don’t know? Cause he’s freaking Calvin Fischoeder. Anyway, Fischoeder decided to come down to the basement and headed towards the freezer and when he arrived at the freezer…found out he didn’t find Felix hiding in the lower shelf of the freezer. Nope. Instead…


He found Gene in the freezer, taking in Felix’s place, shivering and in his underwear. Meaning of course, Felix is still in hiding, it’s just that, if you didn’t even notice, Louise made a switch in place with Felix in the burger suit with the sasquatch mask. And with neither Fischoeder nor Bob and Linda noticing that was Felix in the suit. All while Gene is shivering and beginning to feel hyperthermia. Yeesh Louise, can you think of a place without freezing people to death. I mean, you put the Pesto Twins in the freezer just because you think they might run off with your earnings. I don’t they could do that. Or would they? Hmm…? Nah. I don’t think they would do that.


Anyway, the hunt continues and we shifted back to Linda dealing with a mimosa problema. And Linda has to think of an idea of getting the mimosas away from the customers and of course, the only to get rid of the ongoing problem of people getting a hangover in the morning is of course to go all 18th Amendment on them and begins banning the drinks. And the people are not freaking happy over this. That must so, the whole brunch rush begins to fall apart. Starting with people overreacting to the announcement by Linda. Panicking and upset. I think one person threw his food aiming at Linda’s face. And oh yeah, one person called 911 for a complaint. Really? You’re gonna call 911 for a complaint that the restaurant refuses to serve mimosas. Bitch, you ain’t special. Suck it up and smell the roses. Oh yeah, let’s not to forget the game of hide and seek courtesy of the Fischoeder brothers beginning with gotcha! After Fischoeder noticed that Gene took over Felix’s place in the freezer, the hunt continues. And of course, I mention not too long ago that no one even noticed that Felix was taking over Gene’s place as Beefsquatch. Until now when Fischoeder finally noticed that Felix was in the suit the entire time and just as Felix prepares to make an exit…


Fischoeder goes all football player and tackles Felix like he’s about to head to the end zone for a touchdown. By the way, 57-14 for the Texans in Week 4 against Tennessee…holy shit, that was something. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Felix about to exit out. Yeah, that was interrupted by Fischoeder, who tackled him and you thought Felix might finally make a break for it? Well…


Nope. Because the game it’s over and Fischoeder won the game just as the people began to create chaos and destruction. Or as President Trump put it, fire and fury. Minus the fire. Add more fury. So yeah, Felix lost the game meaning sorry kids, no money means no dog. So close. And yet, it comes crashing down. Oh look, the police came.


Yeah, thank god, the “Mimosa Disaster of 2017” finally came to a close, leaving the restaurant in, don’t want to say shambles. More like in a tight mess with champagne glasses and spilled drinks and food everywhere in its wake. The Fischoeders finally settle their differences despite unable to become the “Hide and Seek Champion” but of course, Mr. Fischoeder still decided to do something nice for Felix even though his birthday has passed. And the kids told Bob and Linda about how they took care of Felix during that whole debacle. But of course, Linda told them, “Yeah, not enough to get you kids a dog.” So uh…that’s that then? It’s pretty much game over for the kids’ chances on getting a dog…until next week, inside the show I mean, not in real life.


Yep, Linda invited the brunch blogger for a visit. Drinking some mimosas, that I think it’s been watered down so we wouldn’t have another mimosa problema. I don’t know why I have to bring Spanish into this? Just as Bob served them food, the kids finally got a dog…well, the blogger’s dog but hey, a dog’s a dog. So I guess everyone wins. I think…? But it’s nice and cute to see the kids playing with the blogger’s dog and would finally put the dog debate to a close. Heck, they even drew a picture to the blogger and…


Um…okay. Nothing disturbing going on here. And I’m not saying that because Louise drew herself, Gene, and Tina carrying a kitchen knife, a butcher knife, a pitchfork…even a stick of dynamite. All smiling with Bob and Linda not giving a fuck. All while the blogger is like he’s being held hostage by the kids. And not because it’s October, and it’s appropriate for something disturbing to pop out since Halloween is coming up later this month but ah…well, knowing Louise since Season 1, despite being demented and possibly psychotic, but that’s Louise for ya. Despite that later on the series, it’s like her sweet side may have begun to pop out of nowhere like a ragweed popping out in your driveway. But yeah, Louise gave the brunch blogger the drawing, in which his reaction of the picture…let’s just say…he would be disturbed, if not afraid of the picture, but instead, he likes it as the kids continue play with his dog as he and Linda prepare to eat.


So, what do I think about this week’s season premiere of Bob’s Burgers? It was an okay, yet fine episode to kick off the eighth season after being off for three months since “Into the Mild” aired back in June. And it was a fan drawn episode, created by the fans who submitted their work back in March, despite that it was short lived, think it was like…back in late February, early March if I’m not mistaken when the thing was announced. But also unfair for international viewers because it stated that you have to live in the 50 States plus DC to enter. So yeah, thanks for possible viewership discrimination, even though I think show airs in I think Canada or the UK. I think those are the only two I can think off. The rest you probably seen it on online streaming sites. But besides that, it’s nice to see the episode being drawn by the fans scene after scene. Design after design as the episode progresses. While the art and design of the episode enjoying, with my favorite one out of every different design…


The Anime version. And not because I talk anything Anime related other than Bob’s Burgers because you think I’m being bias. Step away from the keyboard as you prepare to comment how biased I’m am. Stop it. Stop it…. stop it. Stop i…HEY! I said STOP IT! That mean you, Craig. Anyway, while the art and design was good because it was coming from the fans, the plot however, seems okay, if not, fine. The kids trying to get Bob and Linda’s approval to get a dog was nothing more than I guess some sort of trope you see in real life when growing up when you or a sibling tried to convince your parents to get a pet. Hoping for the brunch rush to make money to be perfect opportunity for them to have a dog. Of course, denied. So that leaves the B-plot of the episode taking place when Louise, later on Tina and Gene tagging along, to hide Felix from Fischoeder to get cash from him to buy a dog. Which…failed after what? A few weeks since his birthday? I don’t know what’s going down over that Fischoeder residence but following what went down in “The Last Gingerbread House on the Left”? It can be something over there for the two brothers, if not, either one of the two. Mostly Mr. Fischoeder. As for the A-plot of the episode, I want to say it was okay, enjoyable to say the least as Bob and Linda prepare for the upcoming rush. Of course, I think the mimosas might have drawn the people’s attention and bring them to the restaurant. Not to mention, throwing back Bob talking to food with his eggs. Last time he talks to his food…oh god, I feel like it’s been that long since that happen. I want to say the zucchini that gone dark in “Easy Commercial, Easy Go-mmercial” but Jesus Christ, you know Summer Vacation can rattle the mind. Of course, you gotta hand the brunch blogger for warning Linda after what looked like a pleasant conversation about his daily work about the people only coming to the restaurant for the mimosas and getting drunk. Which of course, got Linda on high alert and issue a mimosa ban on the people…only to turn the place into total anarchy and begin to go overreacting, throwing food and drinks. Hell, one person even called the police just because of that. Jesus Christ, you might want to rename the episode, “The Great Brunch Disaster of 2017 ft. Fans That Can Draw Anything.” But hey, at least thing is finally resolved…that lead to the place being trashed. I think got arrested over this. The kids unable to get a dog till a week later when Linda invited the blogger for a private brunch and of course, brings his dog for the kids. And of course, almost forgot about this one, a hungover Teddy. Hmm…add Teddy in the background aisle. Adding him there being hungover for comedic effect during the fiasco. So uh, all and all to wrap this review up, I think this episode, though it was hyped mostly because it was a fan drawn episode created by the fans who submitted their design, the plot of course was just simple, yet possibly predictable. But what you do expect, this is the first episode of the new season. I don’t know how many episodes we’re gonna have this season, so uh, stay tuned for that. But hey, at least it didn’t promote a guest star who happened to be somewhat despised by the public like last year. Again, “Flu-ouise” would’ve got a 10/10 rating if it weren’t for that Amy Schumer cameo that FOX kept on promoting. Just be thankful we don’t have that for this season premiere. So I give “Brunchsquatch” …


An 8.5 out of 10. Again, this was an okay, yet fine episode plot-wise. Though I enjoyed seeing the fans’ work in action for the duration of the episode, the plot of the episode was okay. I’m not hating on it. It’s just compare it with other season premieres just as I guess either “A River Runs Through Bob” or “Human Flesh”, it was a fine way to kick off the new season. As for where it would fall in the rankings? This would…possibly tie with “Human Flesh”, if not, possibly on not in the Top 5, more like Top 8. Possibly on the Number Six Position. But that’s my opinion and my take on the Season 8 Premiere. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Do you like it? Do you hate it? What you think about the different designs in the episode? Which design in the episode is your favorite? And of course, since we’re now in the new season, what do you hope for the Eighth Season of Bob’s Burgers? No new episode next week on October 8th, but tune in October 15th on a what looked like an unusual crime scene investigation when Millie (voiced by Molly Shannon) guest stars as she and Louise are paired up by Mr. Frond to catch a culprit who broke into his office. Why do I have a feeling that Millie might be the one who might be responsible just to get to Louise when being paired up? My money’s on Florence Nightingale Syndrome. If not, I don’t know what is. In the Second Episode of the Eighth Season, “The Silence of the Louise.” And if you want to see me in action when doing live commentary on the show or any other shows on my schedule, follow me on Tumblr or Twitter for that and for updates on what’s going down with the blog. And until then. I’ll catch you guys next time.


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