Top 20 Countdown Begins! Number 20: O.K. K.O.: Let’s Be Heroes – “T.K.O.” | yahoo201027’s Top 20 Countdown of 2017.



Kicking off the Top 20 Countdown for the Year 2017 is with a new show on Cartoon Network with this episode revolving around the main character and of course, a new power. One hidden in the wings. Unleashed by an unknown stranger in Number 20 in our Top 20 Countdown for 2017, OK KO: Let’s Be Heroes with the two-parter, or half-hour special, “T.K.O.”

OK KO is the newest addition on Cartoon Network during the late Summer months around August and if you look at it since the beginning, it looks like this show has potential. And of course, at the time while Steven Universe is at the longest hiatus in show’s history since it’s last airing back in May, fans are hungry over when the show was under hiatus. Time slot after time slot, you see the scheduling for the upcoming weeks and see nothing but Teen Ti…I mean, the show that will NEVER be mentioned in this countdown, corrupting the channel like the Democratic Party during the 2016 Election. You thought I would set aside the political satire to the mix? Bitch, you don’t know this page. Till one day, a new show comes in. A show with people with powers like something you see in…every other media format. Mostly because the superhero genre is becoming popular recently with DC and Marvel taking over the box offices and series like My Hero Academia or One Punch Man taking over the Anime scene. And now, we have OK KO, created by Steven Universe’s own Ian Jones-Quartey. And I gotta say, the show’s popularity had exploded since it began. And you think that the hype would’ve downsize the show. Mostly because hype kills. OK KO doesn’t allow that to bring that down. Of course, same goes to Rick and Morty with the episode “Pickle Rick.” And look at that, one of the episodes made it to the Top 20 Countdown, and this half-hour episode is kicking off the countdown to the new year.


This episode showcases KO and his hidden power, the power that we saw for a moment, well, a dark, shadowy form of it when KO, Rad, and Enid were in Mr. Gar’s subconscious in the episode “Face Your Fears.” And in this episode, that took control of KO when he met with a shadowy figure in a hoodie named…Shadowy Figure…should’ve picked a better name than that? Because I don’t think Edge Lord McGee wouldn’t be a better name than that. Anyway, Shadowy Figure, when the fans first saw the character he asked KO to help him unleash a new power, and fans saw a big red flag waving in the air. Signaling that fans are already not trusting this guy. But KO ends up accepting that offer and after a few moments later, after just one attempt, KO achieved a new power. And a transformation from the KO that we all know and love to…


…an Emo, Edgy Teenage type of person who shopped at Hot Topic in 2007. Really? Oh my god, the edge is real! And this is after he is unable to take down a Darrell robot. A Darrell robot! That’s like if you die at Level 1 of Super Mario. Seriously, who dies at Level 1? And he took down the Darrell robot after gaining his powers. And flash forward to the next day…


Oh, sweet baby Jesus, the edge is REAL!!! He’s wearing headphones with skulls printed on and…eye makeup? Not to mention, his hair gotten long, and his skin gotten darker in tone. It almost reminded me of Sasuke when entering his Second Level Curse Mark state. And it looks like his look wasn’t the only one that changed when achieving that power, but his personality. He been acting like a dick around the workplace. Calling Mr. Gar out and even challenging Enid and Rad after attempts to cheer KO up back to his nice state. But that didn’t work when KO send Rad up to the air. Leaving Enid to face off against KO. And of course, while taking on Enid, Enid decided to bring out the big guns, which is of course, bringing out Carol to the scene. And Carol and Mr. Gar tried to get KO back into his senses, but that failed. And he almost tried to take out Carol, child killing parent. This isn’t The Force Awakens. But just as KO was about to do that…


The KO that been trapped inside fought back against TKO. A tough battle for the KO that we know, but then of course, he had to reference that flashback. The flashback that kicked off the episode of him and Carol meditating. Trying to focus and not trying to be distracted. And look at that, that helped KO beat TKO and lock him up in a cage. Never to be used again…for now. We don’t know if that decided to make a comeback. It almost did later on in the episode “Let’s Have a Stakeout.” And same goes to Shadowy Figure after seeing at the sidelines without anyone noticing. Well, only Brandon. But Real Magic Skeleton doesn’t see it or hear it when Shadowy Figure exited out from the scene.


So why does this episode deserve the Number 20 spot in the Top 20 Countdown for 2017? Well, this episode got fans coming up with interesting details. Whether it’s KO and his power or the identity of Shadowy Figure, the list is endless when it comes to the theory department. It’s like Christmas came early and asking Santa for their theory, whatever one, will become canon. Now Shadowy Figure’s identity does kinda raise me some questions. I see videos on the YouTubes on the connection between Shadowy Figure and Professor Venomous. And I can see where you’re coming from. But look at the image below…


Maybe it looked similar? Maybe it’s not? The moles on his cheeks. The pose. I could possibly see the similarity, but the skin looked a little dark in tone on Shadowy Figure. Plus, if you look at the POW cards, Venomous got a Negative Seven on the car. Shadowy Figure got a Negative Eight. One point below. And then there’s the connection to Laserblast. Laserblast? Hmm…I’m getting some Tobi/Obito/Madara flashbacks when the Naruto fans, back in early 2010s in the manga, a lot of theories revolving around the masked guy surfaced on who’s under the mask. And then comes the episode “Villains Night In” when Fink, Venomous’ minion, went turbo. As in the same turbo power as KO in this episode. But KO’s turbo power is through the inside. Natural, you might say. Fink, an glorb. A glorb where Shadowy Figure took one of them. So the connection between Shadowy Figure and Venomous, I could see that. But Shadowy Figure and/or Venomous and Laserblast? Could be the same? But wait, didn’t Laserblast like dead in that flashback with the sandwich incident? Oh boy, the reaction/thoughts section has become theory central for some reason. With Obito revealed to be the masked man named Tobi who been terrorizing the Leaf and of course, the Shinobi World, it’s like the whole “this person ain’t dead, he’s the villain behind the mask” trope, theory, idea, is possibly becoming the new norm. So take that with a grain of salt, that may be a possibly low to low-medium chance of that happening. So we’ll wait and see if that became the case. As for the episode itself, it was enjoyable to watch and of course, to speculate what’s going down with of course, KO and Shadowy Figure. Not to mention that this episode, was one big edge fest for a half hour episode. Mostly with KO going all edgy and emo like an edgy, emo teen from 2007 who just got out from Hot Topic. No offense, Hot Topic. I love you, but uh…that was your base back in 2007. The Art and animation look incredible. Including the flashback in the beginning where it background was blurry, but it worth it. Not to mention of course, the flashback in the beginning that was later on being referenced when KO and TKO. Thus giving KO the victory. That was Number 20 on the Top 20 Countdown for 2017. And for tomorrow’s spot, onto Number 19, we go from theory speculation to theory being confirmed. Which episode and series is up next in the Number 19 spot? Find out tomorrow when the Top 20 Countdown continues.


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