Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 19: Star vs The Forces of Evil – “Monster Bash” | yahoo201027’s Top 20 Countdown of 2017.



What was supposed to be a party about unity between Monster and Mewman in the Kingdom of Mewni…turned downhill. All thanks to two characters who decided to interfere in Number 19 in the Top 20 Countdown for the Year 2017, Star vs The Forces of Evil in “Monster Bash.”

Also known as, another episode on the list where a theory is confirmed correct. Which theory? What do you think? If you caught up all the way towards the holiday specials, you may know who the character of Miss Heinous really is. If not, what the fuck are you doing here? Okay, so Miss Heinous was the focus in the episode…second half in the episode. Mostly on who she really is and of course, who she is related to. When we were first introduced to Miss Heinous back in Season 1, we know that she’s the ruthless, heartless disciplinary head of St. Olga’s and crushing the free wills of the princess who went to that school. That is of course Star and Marco decided to gather all the princesses, including Pony Head, who they had to rescue first, and rebel. And that’s where Heinous decided to take revenge on Star and Marco. Mostly Marco. Cause why not. But one thing that grabbed the people’s attention about the character is of course, her cheeks.


She had the cheek marks in a shape of a clover. The first domino had fallen for who Heinous really is. And fans have started up the Heinous theory train. Then came the connections. Connections to Eclipsa. If you look at Heinous and Eclipsa side by side, of course, they’re both Mewman. But compare her to that portrait of Eclipsa and her monster husband…


…The nose structure. That got the fans even more skeptical and thus, the theory of Heinous related to Eclipsa was born. And then comes Season 3. To where we are now when of course, Heinous is still after Marco for revenge, one of the two individuals who decided to crash the party and while the whole confrontation was taken place, we got a secret room hidden in the room that Star, Marco, Tom, Heinous, Gemini, and Mina are having confrontations. Mostly with Heinous, wanting revenge on Marco for the princess rebellion. And for Mina…not a big fan of Mewman and Monster equality. Spotted a room, that looked appears to be a bedroom for an infant of some kind. And when Heinous reached towards the crib, that where the revelation finally come in full circle when we found out her connection to Eclipsa. I want to say origin, but I think we need something more, like an origin story type episode. And of course, her real name. Her birth name. Meteora Butterfly. So we already know that Moon and Star are related. And then we have Eclipsa, who happened to be related to these two as eighth and ninth great-granddaughters. So where the hell does Meteora falls on that list besides being Eclipsa’s daughter? Is she related to Star and Moon? Was she next in line for the crown? Somebody better answer that in 2018. So the hell did we get here?


Well, Star planned a party for Mewmans and Monsters to be together. In which she’s pushing for in hopes to end the so-called apartheid, segregation between the Mewmans and the Monsters…wow, since when Season 3 highlighted about race? And she wants everything to go well in hopes for full equality in the kingdom. Marco had to help out as well to get things in order. Tom on the other hand, he just wants Star to just have fun at the shindig, even though he cares about what Star is doing and trying to bridge the divide. Star just want to keep everything in order. That was until the mysterious disappearance going on. And Star and Marco had to investigate before everything that Star worked on goes downhill. That’s where we found the culprit of the monster disappearance recently in the party in the first half of the episode.


Yep, we got reintroduced to Mina Loveberry. Of course, Mina doesn’t want to let the monsters go, refusing Star’s demands. Why? Bullshit reasons! Safety and security. Still living in the times where Monsters and Mewmans are separate not yet equal even though Star want to change that. Trying to reason on who’s right and who’s wrong until Heinous comes in and crash the party. To get revenge on Marco.


And she tries to take Marco’s “energy”? Or youth? Something like that. But of course, that failed. Not because of the machine. But her cheek marks glowing. Thus opening a hidden room that of course, in the beginning of this post, lead up to who Miss Heinous really is. And it looks like Mina ain’t having that was gonna take out Heinous, sorry, Meteora because she’s a hybrid. Man, Mewni really hate Eclipsa over her running away with her monster husband. Thus Star helps Meteora and Gemini escape by taking on Mina with the help of Marco and Tom. With Marco releasing the captured monsters. Did we mention that Meteora and Gemini escaped during the battle? She and he did. And because of the battle between the two, the party comes to a complete halt by the High Commission, mostly Rhombulus, while Mina escapes from the place. So did the party help the unity between the Monsters and the Mewmans? According to Star, no. She thinks that because of Heinous and Mina interfering, the process failed. That and being needy. But that’s a talk comes never. And for anyone wonder where Gemini and Meteora is at now? Well…they did escape. Away from the castle. And cut to the end of the episode, last part of the episode where…


Meteora with her arms switching from Mewman to Monster as the episode closes with the moonlight shining on her and her cheek marks still glowing on her face as what looked like what she is supposed to be by birth, a Half Monster/Mewman Hybrid. And that’s where the episode ends.


So why did this episode get the Number 19 spot? Well, despite the episode was aired recently, aired back in November as the mid-season finale, it was the connection and theory that thousands of fans speculated since the beginning, mostly on Heinous’ debut in Season 1, draw conclusions on her identity. And when Season 2 rolls in with the painting of Eclipsa and her monster husband in “Into the Wand” and the connection of the facial structure of Heinous, that’s where the connection lies on who Heinous really is. Me however, didn’t even know, despite looking at fanart and theory masterposts on Tumblr on Miss Heinous and Eclipsa and the connection they have, like I said yesterday in the Number 20 spot with OK KO with Professor Venomous and Shadowy Figure, I can see where you’re coming from. And that theory has been confirmed correct. The second time in this countdown I’m doing is been deemed canon. The other being 2015 with the Stan Twin Theory in Gravity Falls. So what happens next for both Star and Meteora? For Star, she thinks that the party to get the Monsters and Mewmans together failed. Thinking that the party is her only shot to bridge the divide. And I don’t see her calling it quits in the future. And it looks like she’s still gonna do it. Even with Meteora reveals to who she is and ran off to god knows where. And speaking of that, Meteora. Ran off with Gemini before her arms transform from Mewman to Monster, asking her to Gemini to address her by her real name. I feels like she might come back to close out the season, maybe not. I don’t know. But I do hope if that were case, I could see both her and Eclipsa reunited. I don’t know if Meteora know or not that Eclipsa was in a crystal prison instead of…dead. I could see that but I don’t know if that is gonna create a positive or negative response for the Season 3 Finale. We’ll wait for the future to decide to come in 2018. But that’s about it from the Number 19 spot in the Top 20 Countdown. And hopes that net neutrality doesn’t get repealed, even though it has to get through congress and the senate first, tune in tomorrow for Number 18 where we’re staying in the Disney category with a new series setting things up for an upcoming crossover for 2018. So until then, I’ll see you tomorrow.


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