Top 20 Countdown Continues! Number 18: Milo Murphy’s Law – “Fungus Among Us” | yahoo201027’s Top 20 Countdown of 2017.



Pop quiz! You defeated a pistachio monster from taking over your timeline…yeah, sound crazy, anyway, you defeated a pistachio monster with the help from your friends, sister, dog, and a pair of adults who happened to be time travelers. Where, you find yourself in an episode of a long running series on TV and a letter that was sent from 1965. What would you do? By going to the past to 1965 to get the guy who created the Dr. Zone Files to create the show. I don’t know if Doctor Who back in 1963 did that? You don’t see that in “An Adventures in Time and Space.” Only to find out, moments later unnoticed, the pistachions decided to take their revenge in Number 18 in the Top 20 Countdown of 2017, Milo Murphy’s Law in “Fungus Among Us.”


AKA, the setup to the upcoming crossover between this series and Phineas and Ferb. Okay, so Milo, accompanied by both Cavendish and Dakota, decided to go to 1965 to get the guy who created the Doctor Zone Files, for answers and of course, for inspiration, courtesy of a guy named Orton after what was the current project, the one before the soon to be Doctor Zone Files series came down the shithole. Let’s not to mention that while walking on the set, they met an intern, who of course, was working on the show and you gotta give Milo credit. Despite that for the first time you seen the intern, you think that Milo may have gone paranoid, all out good cop, bad cop on him. Only to find out later in the episode, the intern revealed to be a, not a human, but a Pistatchion named Derek, who happened to be related to King Pistachion. I.E. the pistachio that I mentioned in the beginning of this spot in the countdown back in the episode, “Missing Milo.” We’re tying things up with continuity boys and girls. The Pistachions are back and out for revenge on Milo and the gang and Milo, Cavendish, and Dakota, along with Orton, escaped on time. But oh boy, they’re running low on time juice and due to fears of being stuck in the time stream, they had to return to the present. Oh yeah, and if anyone wonder what happened to Zack, Melissa, and Diogee while Milo was away?


Zack and Melissa get captured. While Diogee saw what happened in his own eyes. Man, those “Don’t talk to strangers” PSAs are really working well to never trust people. But yeah, Melissa and Zack get captured. Leaving Diogee out of the open. So…


Milo, Cavendish, Dakota, and Orton made it back to the present and while Cavendish and Dakota trying to get the car fixed and for Orton…writing down notes. Let’s just put that in there, cause, inspiration. And you thought that things are just gonna go well when Milo was reunited with Zack and Melissa after the two-week trip to 1965? Well…Milo kinda sensed something is not right here when meeting up with Zack and Melissa. He almost fell for it at first until he found out that it’s the pistachions and him, Cavendish, Dakota, and Orton ran off and follow where they are headquartered…by where they take Sara. To Lard World. Lard World became a prison for some reason. But yeah, the Pistachions ruled the world with an iron fist and imprisoned mostly everyone around Danville. And they been doing this since 1965. Wow, you beginning to think that when Milo, Cavendish, and Dakota met the intern for the first time, with Milo go all good cop/bad cop, you would’ve thought, and possibly would be in the “what if” category, Milo would’ve prevented it. Yeah, you might want to think about that. Anyway…


Milo was about to save everyone from the Pistachion prison but because of worries that Milo might get captured and of course, the Pistachions are off to get him, everyone who was in the cage want Milo to head off for safety. A difficult decision Milo had to make and chose to head off to safety, which is want the townsfolk, mostly Milo’s friends and family, want the best for him. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that Diogee reunited with Milo and decided to tag along. Because there is no way in hell Milo would say his usual “Diogee, go home” quote while the Pistachions are ruling the city with an iron, or in this case, leafy fist. So Diogee had to stick behind Milo as him, Cavendish, Dakota, and Orton had to go deep underground…to the sewers of all places…to head over to the other side of town to visit someone named “Professor Time.” Okay…then. Don’t know why that didn’t even brought up in the firs…no, just setting things up for the upcoming crossover.


The four did escape only to end up getting lost, of course, I think that’s where the namedrop comes into play while Milo saw Lardy Boy, the Lard World Mascot, inside the sewers. Only except instead of a person inside cowering in fear.


It’s a giant Pistachion monster stacked inside the costume. Man, how the hell did the Pistachions fit a giant one to a costume that can only fit for one human? Somebody better answer that. Milo and the gang are dealing with a major obstacle when it comes to trying to get to the other side of town. You thought that the guys are just gonna call it quits? No. Instead, they had to distract the giant Pistachion monster and defeat him while the monster is down.


Beginning with Milo going all Joseph Joestar on the monster by mocking and messing with the monster. And even triggering it when Milo pulled out a bag of pistachios, only to, what was supposed to be a quick snack break, turned to him dropping pieces after pieces of pistachios and stepped around and breaking it into pieces while playing the accordion. Funny that I had to say that Milo had pulled a Joseph Joestar when it comes to toying with his opponent, and won, because if you have been following me throughout 2017 is that I ran a voting tournament, kinda like a popularity contest, and both Milo and Joseph are running and currently in the Final Round. And as the timing of this post, nearing the finish line. I’ll be damn surprised if Milo decided to do the ultimate Jojo’s reference and say “Next, you’ll say…” or run away only to think of a foolproof plan to take down the monster. By trapping one of its arms to open the gate. As they exit one sewer line to another. Excellent job, guys! Nothing says taking down an opponent by potentially putting yourself in the danger zone. Getting some Across the 2nd Dimension vibes around here. Anyway…


The guys arrive at the other side of town. In a building, to an elevator and headed up to the top of the building. Which building is Milo and the gang landed up in? Well, if the décor doesn’t give it away, must be new here if this is your first time watching, but that’s where the guys get captured midway through the room…with a platypus trap. Yes, I said platypus. Milo asks ‘Professor Time’ that he’s here for help to tackle the ongoing Pistachion invasion. Only at the end of the episode got…if you have been following the co-creators Dan and Swampy’s work when it comes to the animation department, let’s just say, nostalgia. ‘Professor Time’ finally comes out to the open. Only except it’s not. The individual that is coming out from the room that Milo and the gang was about to head is none other than…


Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. As in Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb that ended back in 2015. So, this episode was the setup for the upcoming crossover for 2018. Everyone was surprised when that happened…in the promo. The promo gave it away. Goddamn it. So yeah, Dr. Doofenshmirtz has come back to our screens to close out the episode, and of course, the season, because this is the season finale. Don’t count the Halloween and Christmas episodes that aired recently as the season finale. And the episode ends with that as the cliffhanger. Leaving us with speculation.



So why does this episode get the Number 18 spot in the Top 20 Countdown? This episode was a good way to close out the first season. And an interesting one in that two. Tying in with the events from the “Missing Milo” episode with the Pistachions and of course, trying to resolve the whole Milo in the 1965 episode of The Doctor Zone Files. But this of course, was the perfect setup for Season 2 and of course, the upcoming crossover. So how will things play out for the upcoming episode, we’re playing the speculation game in this one…I’m gonna go with a cop out with this one. Are we NOT gonna mention the time machine in the museum that Phineas and Ferb fixed it to make it work, which of course, landed them and Cadence into the Prehistoric Times. Chances of Milo meeting Phineas and Ferb, judging from that official artwork that was released back in Comic Con in July, that may look like a high possibility. But for now, you’re probably seeing posts from the officials working on the crossover. Leading up to the big day. But for now, the episode. Like I said, it was a good episode to watch. Liking how the writers are tying things from the previous episode with the Pistachions, now wanting revenge on Milo for taking down the Pistachion King, and of course, time traveling with Cavendish and Dakota. And probably one of my favorite coming from the episode is of course, Milo threatening the intern with a cattle prod, thinking that he’s a Pistachion in disguise. Which, spoiler alert, he’s a Pistachion in disguise. Do you think Milo might’ve prevented it the first time Milo met that intern? I think it should, but of course, there’s also that thought where the Pistachions would attack moments after Milo electrocuted him. Don’t know if you want to call that a what if or a dumb idea to come up with. I think Option B. Wow, what an episode. So that’s about it for Number 18 in the Top 20 Countdown. Number 17, tomorrow, gonna be a mouthful because we’re gonna be tackling a miniseries that aired back in the Spring. And of course, tomorrow, Winner in the 2017 Battle of the Week Tournament will be announced. Who will win? Milo Murphy or Joseph Joestar? Link to the poll is in my pinned Tweet in my Twitter Account. Tune in for Number 17 tomorrow and I’ll see you guys later.


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