Bob’s Burgers Season 8, Episode 8 Review – Tina Belcher’s Broken Heart Club Band | yahoo201027’s Bob’s Burgers Review.



Well, looks like the anti-Tina/Jimmy Jr side of the fandom has finally won their night as of this week’s episode to start off 2018 for the show. And just as we’re less than a month away from Valentine’s. A little early for this this but it looks like we got a huge reason why the episode had to be aired in January and not February…

That time of year again, the Winter Olympics. That could explain why we didn’t have episodes back in 2014. Just as we just got back from the Holiday break since “The Bleakening.” So, in this week’s, or in this case, month’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, Linda and Louise take a heart broken Tina to a limo ride around town to cheer her up as Bob and Gene partake in trapeze jumping in my spoilerific review of the Eighth Episode of the Eighth Season, titled, “V for Valentine-detta.”


Valentine episode Number Five for the series and nothing says kicking off 2018 for the series like…Tina getting her heart broken. Jesus Fucking Christ. Yep, Jimmy Jr has angered the Animation Gods and the fandom when it revealed that Jimmy Jr asked another girl that isn’t Tina to be his Valentine. Look, we know Jimmy Jr is a teenager. And teenagers, love is a complicated thing. With all the drama and shit. Thank God, I’m not a part of it. Thrown out that boat and barely survived high school. And…Jimmy Jr is a very complicated character in the series. Controversial to some people when it comes to his development and his relationship with Tina. For someone who doesn’t have a mom around and a dad being a major douchebag, Jimmy Jr is that one person who you grow to probably hate because of his treatment to Tina. Yeah, the continuity department in the series is probably one big dumpster fire being carried by a truck driving through a four-lane freeway at 70 mph and hoping the fire doesn’t spread from the detached dumpster. In some episodes, Jimmy Jr acted like a douche when it comes to his treatment to Tina, mostly ignoring her or making her triggered or upset like in “Burger War” when Tina told Louise to make a voodoo potato of her and Jimmy Jr to remind him that they’re dating. Even though they’re not. Or in “The Belchies” when Jimmy Jr and Zeke mess around while Tina trying to win him over via the romance novel she found at the beach. But ignoring that. Not knowing that Tina was making a move. But there’s also sometimes where Jimmy Jr was appreciative to Tina. And there’s a lot on that list: selling his bike for money when going on a date with Tina in “Gene It On,” acknowledging Tina’s erotic friend fictions in “Bad Tina” after Tina strikes back at Tammy, I mean hell, the rose he gave to her in “The Gene and Courtney Show” and the planned sky kiss in “Bob Actually.” Even Tina saving Jimmy Jr from being kicked in the dick by Kendra in “Sit Me Baby, One More Time” She saved your crotch, and this is the thanks she gets, throwing her under the bus for another girl on Valentine’s Day? Dude…you deserved to be kicked in the nuts. You’re like someone whose team has lost the playoffs and starting to go all out bandwagon for the other team. You are fucking fuckboy. Would call you a “lolcow,” but it looks like a fuckboy is appropriate for Jimmy Jr. But of course, this isn’t Tina’s first time she got a heartbreak on Valentine’s Day.

Remember the whole fiasco she overreacted when she received a card from Jimmy Jr that said “from” rather than “love.” And we know that been wrapped up with Jimmy Jr giving a card that has a heart to Tina at the end of that episode. Will it be the same for this week’s episode?

Oh my god…not even close.

tumblr_msqqg6YwQB1sursb2o1_500 (1)

Not even fucking close. Oh my fucking god, oh, that has to be brutal to watch if you ship Tina and Jimmy Jr, and we’ll get to that later on. Just like “My Fuzzy Valentine” with Tina having a broken heart on Valentine’s Day, nothing says escaping the love life like a ride around town. This time, it’s Louise and Linda who had to cheer the sadden Tina up by riding around the town on Valentine’s Day night on a limo. And they’re going out in style. And where does that leave the boys, i.e. Bob and Gene? Well, looks like the two are sent to what Linda was supposed to surprise Bob with. Which we’ll get to that later as well.


The girls’ night out on the limo is of course, really stole the show for this episode, said if you read the plot synopsis, because it showcases how much both Linda and Louise are trying to cheer Tina up. And you gotta give pointers to the limo driver for playing a key role in the Belcher women’s main plot of the episode. Getting Louise, Tina, and Linda into places that it’s impossible to get in from the restaurant to another restaurant, mostly because of connections…and don’t explain how. Hell, she insisted in running over Jimmy Jr in which Louise is in favor, but Tina denied doing this…wow, this has gotten dark quickly.


Even though the fun around town made Louise and Linda’s night for Valentine’s Day, Tina’s still not feeling the experience. She’s still in the dumps. Man, Jimmy Jr really putting in some major damage on Tina’s heart. Probably enough to lower her self-esteem. It almost feels like that moment in Spongebob in that one episode where Mr. Krabs had to partake in Spongebob and Patrick’s night out to get through his mid-life crisis. Are you feeling it now, Tina? How about now? No? Shit. And this is where you don’t get it when the episode was still running, why isn’t Tina getting a single smile on her face following the Belcher Girls’ night out? Why is she still upset? Why didn’t she gotten over Jimmy Jr and that heartbreak? Well…it appears to find out that Tina send a picture frame she made to Jimmy Jr and possibly put a picture of her on that. So you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Really, a picture frame? What’s wrong with that?” Well Paul, let me tell you. He put the image of the girl that Jimmy Jr asked to be his Valentine over Tina. Oh, that’s the fucking line, Jimmy Jr. You don’t put an image of another girl on the frame that your crush worked on at. That’s like if a child made macaroni art for their parent and the parent used the macaroni from the art and used it for dinner. That shit ain’t funny. It’s never funny. It’s never gonna be funny.


Operation: Get Back at Jimmy Jr for Breaking Tina’s heart is a go for the Belcher Girls and Nat after hearing what Tina has said begun with a stakeout…had to get some information on the girl who became Jimmy Jr’s Valentine, a girl named Becky. If this episode were to air in 2016 in the height of Beyoncé’s Lemonade, would’ve made a joke around the character of Becky. You know, you better call Becky with the good hair. Jimmy Jr found his Becky with the Good Hair two years too late. The stakeout actually began when Louise tells Tammy on the phone on where Becky lives and seconds later, as we transition from one scene to another, the stakeout begins when the girls saw Jimmy Jr picking up Becky from her home and drives to their destination at a Mexican restaurant. They even snuck into the back, all thanks to Nat and her connections. Holy shit, how many connections does Nat have to gain entrance to places? How many people did she almost ran over?


The plan to get back Jimmy Jr and by embarrassing him and get Tina’s comeuppance for cheating on her, even though they’re NOT even really dating, almost seems overkill with a stink bomb. But remember, this is the douchebag who broke Tina’s heart on the most important day in her life. So it looks like Tina will be the one who will be planting the stink onto the table where Jimmy Jr and Becky are at. But look at Tina’s face when she looked at the two before and after the plan backfired.


That is the face of sudden defeat. Tina want to get back at Jimmy Jr for what he did to get her heart broken by choosing Becky over her to be his Valentine. She was about to come up with the idea that Jimmy Jr would be happy to be with Becky. It’s sorta like the subplot in “Bye Bye Boo Boo” where Bob was about to slap the sense into Jimmy Pesto about the historical site of where one of the crime mob members was shot and killed at one of the seats, but went all “let it be” and just let him have his moment.


Let’s not to forget that if you’re a fan of Regular Show and currently watching Bob’s Burgers, surprise, Minty Lewis, who voiced Eileen on the series, made a guest voice, playing Becky. It’s like Bob’s Burgers just put her there to remind that side of the fans that even though Regular Show ended over a year now, anything can pop in that may remind you of the Cartoon Network series. Even the voices. By the way, anyone pumped for Close Enough? Me either.


And if you’re a Tina/Jimmy Jr shipper, you really waiting for that magical moment where he breaks up with Becky, in which he did, and waiting for the writers to pull out the ol’ Deus Ex Fuck You Right in the Face where Jimmy Jr apologize to Tina for being a major fuckboy, kiss, and make up to enjoy the rest of the night. And if you thought it was gonna to happen…it didn’t. That kinda surprised me. Even in a Valentine’s Day episode that has these two on the spotlight. And it revealed that Jimmy Jr is now the biggest douche of the Bob’s Burgers universe. Holy fuck. Props to the writers to finally showcase Jimmy Jr’s true colors. Tina’s heart been broken when Jimmy Jr chose Becky as his Valentine and put a image of her over the frame Tina made. And then Becky’s heart get broken when he broke up with him and tries to apologize to Tina for what he did. Sadly Jimmy boy, sorry ain’t gonna get you a free pass this time. Ignite the stink bomb! As Nat dropped the bomb in front of Jimmy Jr as she, Linda, Louise, Tina, and Becky head out of the restaurant and hit the road. Ha-ha, fuck you Jimmy Jr. Fuck…yooooouuuuu!!!!


Though this episode was supposed to be Tina’s trip to revenge on a cheating heart with the girls planning on getting Jimmy Jr, it was nice main plot of the episode to showcase that even though relationships can come and go, but friendship can last forever, even on the day where it was meant for two spouses. It was nice to see a girls’ night out taking over the episode to kick off the new year. And I hope we can get more of these in future episodes with the girls taking over the main plots of the episodes. The Animation Gods are pleased about this episode, but the Animation Goddesses are really pleased with how the episode played out with the girls in charge. And don’t worry Tina and Becky, there’s other fish in the sea, but for now, hang out the girls and enjoy the tour around town while the night is still young. Unless you’re the slice of the pie in the internet where they want both Tina and Becky to be together…I can get with that. I like it. Jimmy Jr is a jerk anyway and he doesn’t deserve either one of the two. That was the girls’ side of the episode, let’s check in with the Belcher boys.


The subplot with Bob and Gene going on the trapeze ride of their lives was enjoyable to say the least. Almost like you’re watching either “Lil’ Hard Dad” or “The Laser-inth” in reverse when it comes to the plots and had a holiday flair into the mix. Gene had to take Linda’s spot while she had to take care of a broken-hearted Tina, meaning Bob had to take Linda to place where she wanted to surprise Bob with, which revealed to be going on trapeze jumping on the Wharf.


Reasons why it was enjoyable in the first place in my opinion was not because of the bonding, I have no problem with that, it’s because of the middle part of the episode where Bob and Gene beginning to have second thoughts about the whole thing with the trapeze. I mean hell…


They’re not letting go while being suspended in the air, with straps on of course, while freaking out. And of course, while seeing these two up high in the air, oh god…man, I hate heights. I hate fucking heights. Despite living in a two-story home. That’s irony right there. It was a struggle as two tried to let go. Still trying to let go. Still trying to…they been holding for at least five, ten minutes in the latter half of the episode. They did get down…for like an inch or two.


Of feet. Math in not specialty. Still refusing to let go. And it’s a very long line for the people down on the ground, waiting for a turn on the damn thing. So the trainers had to bring out the big guns to get these two and bring out the “P” word, payment. So they went down and without letting their hands go. My god…you think that’s bad, wait till skydiving. It’s gonna get fucking worse. Another irony is that I’ve never, ever been skydiving. Thank the gods for that.


But they enjoyed it. Besides almost crapping their pants while being sky high and not let go of each other, they have the best night of their lives. Well, besides the laser light rock show back in Season 7, of course, backfired the first time with Gene suffering from sensory overload. Fixed it with Bob brining in napkins to cover Gene’s ears to enjoy the rest of the night, why can’t we have more of these? But I got to admit, like I said in the beginning, it was enjoyable to see these two bond while the girls help a broken-hearted Tina back to her senses. And I really hope we can see more in the distant future. I probably live for those episodes, and probably everyone as well. Tried not to fuck it up when that day comes.


So, all and all, what do I think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Honestly, this must be…a great episode to watch. It’s been a while where we have an episode where two or more characters in the same gender hang out, since April of 2017. And on a holiday like Valentine’s Day. Even though Tina has her heart broken since the beginning of the episode and still in the dumps all throughout the episode. Jimmy Jr being a major douche isn’t new if you watched the whole series in your perspective but I’m sorta surprised that the writers decided to pull out that card out of their decks and just played it out. And even a Valentine Deus Ex Go Fuck Yourself didn’t work and that surprised me because knowing these two, it was projected that Jimmy Jr would break up with Becky, which he did, and apologize to Tina for a being a jerk to her, kiss, and make up. But it didn’t happen. It didn’t happen. The douche card has fully went into effect for the guy. I mean hell, he forgot his Valentine’s pick’s name. Same thing that he forgot Tina’s name and just called her Tracy by mistake back in Season 1. Glad to see the comeuppance finally come into play with the stink being dropped, courtesy of Linda, Louise, and Nat, the limo driver. And Jillian Bell as the limo driver…guys, I know you want more of Nat in future episodes following this week’s episode. But knowing the show and what to do with characters that may end up becoming one shots for only one episod…you know what, fuck it. Bring her back for an episode. Same goes for Becky. Nice to hear Minty Lewis’ voice again on air following the end of Regular Show last year. And I hope, of course, see a potential friendship between those two following what they went through with Jimmy Jr. And the Bob and Gene subplot is enjoyable as well. Mostly on the whole trying to let go but didn’t mostly because they’re so damn high when going down. My god, Linda. What are you planning if Tina didn’t have a broken heart? And I think because of that, I should probably go sit in the corner. But again, great episode and I hope we can see more of these in future episodes. And it’s a great one to kick off the new year. Oh yeah, and since this is a Valentine’s Day episode, where does this episode falls? In my opinion, on where in the Top 5 as of 2018, yes five, because this is the fifth, falls probably around third place. Or tied for second alongside either “My Fuzzy Valentine” or “The Gene and Courtney Show”. But all and all, this episode holds no bars for the women, especially for Tina and Becky, who now had to deal with the heartbreak caused by Jimmy Jr, but I’m sure they got themselves together to forget about what happened. Unless the writers begin to press the reset button. Which I swear to god, please don’t. “V for Valentine-detta” gets a yahoo201027 rating of…


A 9.5 out of 10. A perfect episode to kick off the new year, another one with that with the recent being Season 7’s “Ex Mach-Tina” in 2017. Though, if you ship Tina and Jimmy Jr, you probably sympathizing with Jimmy Jr over his actions and think that the writers made him do that or he wasn’t like that when he first appeared. As of how I feel about Jimmy Jr in this episode? Yeah…he’s a douche. Dude went all 360 from breaking Tina’s heart to be with Becky only to through the 180 mark where he tries to apologize to Tina and pretend that never happened by breaking up with Becky. And hoping to make it to go all full circle for Tina to accept Jimmy Jr’s apology…ugh…Jimmy, you don’t fucking deserve her. God, that and the rest of what he did want to make me do a rant. If I were ever in the mood for one. I don’t where I was going with this? But what do you think about this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you hate Jimmy Jr before this episode? Do you think we need more episodes like these? And how will the series play out for 2018? Bring on your opinion in the old comment section below. I don’t know when the next episode is gonna be aired, it looks like we’re gonna be here in Hiatus Land for a while till…I guess, Spring. I don’t know. But that’ll be it for this review for this episode of Bob’s Burgers and I’ll see y’all later.


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