Entering the Final 5 Countdown! Number 5: One Piece (Toonami): “Luffy vs. Usopp! The Spirit of the Clashing Men”. ワンピース


Here we are, the Final 5! And our Number 5 spot takes you on a cruise to an ocean…an ocean of feels as two of the member of a certain crew take on each other for a life of a boat. Here’s Number 5, One Piece, “Luffy vs. Usopp! The Spirit of the Clashing Men”.

Okay…where do I begin with this? This episode follows the aftermath of the Straw Hats (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper) taking on the Franky Family after injuring Usopp and took the Straw Hats’ money for repairs. Of course, after hearing the news that the Going Merry is now unable to travel. And that if the Going Merry goes on one more travel, it’s bye bye ship. Everyone in the Straw Hats agreed that it’s time for a new ship, however, Usopp is against the idea.

The main focus for this episode is the fight between Usopp and Luffy. The two crew mates are now on each other throats and now they’re fighting over the fate of the Going Merry. Chopper and Nami want to stop the fight but Sanji and Zoro said no because this is a man fight, and a man fight has to be taken care of through fist fighting.

The fight took almost the entire episode and neither Luffy or Usopp declared the victor because even if Luffy beat Usopp when it comes to strength, that’s really hurting a friendship that holds you dear to your heart. Everyone was upset. The viewers was upset. Even the Going Merry was crying. That was pure symbolism.

So why did this episode got the Number 5 spot? The battle was tremendous and the emotions that was followed along. This arc was just the beginning to show what’s going to happen next following both the Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arc (which is the arc the Toonami block is on) and oh man, these two arcs are getting emotional. Speaking of emotional and craziness, stay tuned for the Number 4 spot as we stay in the Toonami block, but land ahoy, we’re entering a forest of big ass trees full of Titans as the Top 20 Countdown continues.


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